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  • Scales
    <p>If you’re looking for a <strong>precise analogue or digital scale</strong>, you’re in the right place. We stock an enormous range of scale models for weighing pretty much anything; from up to <strong>8kg in 0.1g increments</strong> to scales that weigh in <strong>0.01g increments</strong>. Prices vary depending on the brand and model of the scale.</p> <p>Myco scales are the most precise and affordable models, and they come in various different sizes. The<strong> <a href="">MC-100</a></strong> model weighs in 0.01g increments and is super affordable. They also have larger models such as the<strong> DE-100, DE600 or the MZ 100</strong> or 600 models. Models that weigh up to <strong>100g weigh in 0.01g increments, and 600g models weigh in 0.1g increment</strong>s.</p> <p>If you want a more discreet scale or if you don’t want anyone to know that you have one, we stock a few camouflaged scales. The <strong>NoteBook scale</strong> looks, well, like a notebook. If it’s closed there’s no way of telling that it’s actually a scale. Our <strong>CD scale</strong> is super handy – just slip in a CD cover by your favorite band or group – nobody will be any the wiser. If CDs aren’t your thing, we also have a <strong>PC Mouse scale</strong>. These mice scales also work as actual computer <strong>mice via USB</strong>. If you remove the covering on the mouse you’ll be able to access the 0.1g precision scale capable of weighing up to <strong>500g</strong>. One of our favorite models is the calculator scale – it works perfectly, just like a normal calculator, although it’s actually a scale and weighs <strong>0.1g increments up to 350g</strong>.</p> <p>If you want a bit <strong>more quality without needing to spend too much</strong>, <strong>Tangent scales by Tanita</strong> are some of the best scales on the market. Tangent is their affordable yet precise version of their upscale model. They come in various models that vary in design, materials and maximum weights. They all work in <strong>0.1g increments</strong>.</p> <p>If you want the <strong>best possible quality and precision</strong>, you might want to get an original Tanita; they’re a bit more expensive although they’re much more precise and made out of better materials. These precise meters won’t fail you; they have quite a large internal memory system, too. There are various different models such as the <strong>Tanita 1479Z and the 1479V</strong>, which measure in 0.1g increments.</p> <p>If you prefer to weigh in larger increments, we stock scales that weigh in <strong>0.1g and 1g increments</strong> depending on your choice. Some of them can weigh up to <strong>1kg, 5kg and 8kg</strong>. The ZX-2000 measures in 0.1g increments and can weigh up to 2kg at a time. It’s made out of super strong materials. Larger scales can weigh larger amounts but they are much less precise. The <strong>KB-5000 is capable of weighing up to 5kg</strong> in grams; perfect for those that need to weigh large amounts. If you’re looking for larger scales, the Mega Bowl can weigh up to 8kg in 1g increments, and it looks like a normal kitchen scale.</p> <p>Whatever scale you’re looking for, we guarantee that <strong>you’ll find the right on for you in our catalogue</strong>. Each scale has a detailed description so that you know how to use it and what to expect.</p>
  • Shishas, bongs and pipes
    <p>Find your<strong> favorite hookah, bong or pipe  </strong>among dozens of references. Just take a look at the different subsections corresponding to the items you're after and compare the different models until you find one that meets your needs best.</p> <p>In the <a href="">pipes</a> subsection you'll find dozens of models in different sizes and featuring different designs. There are small glass pipes in different sizes and colors, handmade and unique.<strong> Small glass pipes</strong> (10cm) allow you to smoke marijuana just like in a bong. The hole has to be covered while dragging but when the smoke reaches your mouth you must uncover it so that you can inhale it better. If you like glass pipes you'll appreciate the large one (35cm). It's quite an original and flashy design that will work out very well as a decorative object after using it. Other models are more exclusive, such as the "<strong>weed" or "fuck"</strong> pipes, in which the conduct of the pipe is made to shape those words.</p> <p>You'll also find cooling pipes and others with the latest in bong technology, such as the <strong>Mk-108</strong>, a retractile pipe you can close once you've smoked and it doesn't let off any smell or stain your pockets. The cooling pipes come with an internal circuit which, besides filtering smoke, make it fresher by the time it reaches your mouth. It comes in several models and sizes. The most famous ones are Amazed Pipes, both Red Eye and Spliff Stick. The model called Red Eye allows us to put our cannabis in directly. You can smoke it as if it were a joint, but inside the smoke runs through a circuit in a spiral, filtering out many of the impurities. Once you're done smoking, you can easily clean it with alcohol. The model named <strong>Spliff Stick</strong> follows basically the same system but instead of putting marijuana in it directly, just pop in your joint All you'll have to do is fix a metal mouthpiece -included with the pipe- to the edge of the joint and then it'll be ready to be linked to the pipe so that the smoke is cleaned through the circuit before it's smoked.</p> <p>If you prefer <strong>Bongs</strong>, we have a <strong>whole subsection</strong> dedicated to them. You'll find dozens of models in several sizes and models, both portable and tabletops. Some Bongs, despite being small -15cm- include a decent bowl that will allow you to get larger hits than some bigger models. With regards to design, you'll find marijuana leaf designed bongs in several sizes and materials. In terms of shape and material, the most typical bongs are the ones made out of glass. However, we also have American-style and even some models made out of bamboo.</p> <p>If you're one of those people who always take their bong with them, we have a special model for you that comes with its <strong>transportation  case. </strong> We also have very innovative models with several hoses so which allow several smokers to smoke at the same time from the same bowl. The model called Bong Mask is another of our classic items and cannot be missed in any party. Finally, there's another remarkable model called <strong>Water Puff</strong>. It consists of a universal pipe that can be attached to any plastic bottle and turned into a Bong immediately.</p> <p>There is also a special subsection dedicated to <a href="">Hookahs and shishas</a> for smokers of flavored tobacco, although they can also be used with marijuana and hash. You'll find different models made by hand, all with a unique design. There are small models <strong>(25cm)</strong> for those smokers who use it on a daily basis and don't wish to clean a bigger and more cumbersome one. Medium models (<strong>47 or 51cm) </strong>can be used daily or employed as decoration. Finally, larger models<strong> (57cm)</strong> are normally used on important occasions, when your friends come round and you feel like a good smoke together. They'll allow two people to smoke at once.</p> <p>If you break the bowl by mistake you can get spare parts so that you can keep on using your hookah with no problem. There are regular <strong>bowls for shishas</strong> and also models including a separation wall which divides the bowl in two different compartments, enabling space for two different flavors. We also sell individual plastic mouthpieces for hoses so that you don't have to smoke from where everybody has already dragged (since sometimes there's a bit drool or spit on them). At you'll also find flavored tobacco and charcoal so that you can light on your shisha and smoke at ease. Nothing has been missed on our hookahs and shishas section.</p> <p>In short, if you're looking for a good item with which to <strong>enjoy your weed</strong> you can be sure of finding it among our large selection of articles. Besides displaying a great selection of hookahs, pipes and bongs you can buy them at incredible prices since we enjoy offers and discounts. Bongs are one of the favorite products of smokers and this section is very popular thanks to our incredibly affordable prices.</p> <p>As always, every product comes with a <strong>detailed description</strong> where we explain their qualities such as the thickness or resistance of the glass or the size of the bowl.</p>
  • Smoker Items
    <p class="MsoNormal">The <strong>Smoker Items category</strong> contains an incredibly wide selection of accessories and devices that smokers use each and every day such as papers, lighters, grinders and other items such as lighter holders and sniffers.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">We stock many different <strong>brands and sizes of rolling papers</strong>, including <a href="">blunt papers</a>, as well as cardboard mouthpiece tips for those that prefer to roll prepared. Those that smoke rolled tobacco tend to use OCB papers, one of the leading rolling paper brands. They come in <strong>1” ¼ and Slim sized</strong>, which is also known as L paper. We stock booklets by the unit and by the box. We also stock OCB Ultimate, the thinnest rolling paper on the market. If you’d like to save some cash, you can get discounted <strong>200 and 300 paper booklets</strong> – super affordable.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">If you’re a weed smoker you probably already have a preference; <strong>RAW papers</strong>. This organic rolling paper brand does not use any sort of chemicals in their manufacturing process, making for the most natural papers possible. They come in many different sizes, including 1” ¼ and King Sized – their connoisseur king sized booklets come with <strong>cardboard tips for your joints too</strong>. You can also get packs of up to <strong>1” ¼ 300 papers</strong>.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">We also <strong>stock tips that contain no whiteners</strong> at all – they’re perfect for keeping around on your rolling tray so that you don’t have to get up every time you roll a joint.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">If you don’t like using cardboard tips, we also <strong>stock various types of filters</strong>; Jilter Filters are similar to filters used in normal cigarettes, although they have a hole for a cardboard tip so that you can inhale more. These filters catch quite a lot of the <strong>impurities from your smoke</strong> without reducing the amount you can inhale. We also stock <strong>ActiTube filters</strong>, which remove impurities from the smoke thanks to its active carbon. You’ll have a much cleaner experience.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">If you’re the kind of person that prefers <strong>not to have to roll their joints at all</strong>, why not use pre-rolled <a href="">cones</a>? All you have to do is fill them up, pack them a bit and begin smoking! They even come with little cardboard mouthpieces. They come in various different sizes that allow you to <strong>roll the perfect joint</strong>. All of these packs come with packers that you can use to <strong>push your weed down</strong> into the cone itself.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">What about when you’re <strong>smoking a joint</strong> and you have to put it out swiftly but want to <strong>save it for later</strong>? No worries, we stock our very own joint holders. These are essentially small plastic containers that are air-tight when closed – you can stick your joint or blunt inside and save it for later without sticking up the whole place. We stock opaque versions so that you can be <strong>as discreet as possible</strong> and <strong>larger see-through holders</strong> that are cheaper.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">We also stock torches for <strong>lighting your hookahs or for your BHO rig</strong>. We have simple models such as the Vaponic torch, and double or triple torches that are perfect for heating nails or lighting coal for your hookah, even if it’s super windy out. For especially windy days, why not use one of our solar lighters? All you need is a bit of sun and you’re off, regardless of how windy it is! We also<strong> stock lighter holders</strong> that you can attach to your t-shirt so that <strong>nobody ever steals</strong> your lighter again.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Find the best possible smoker items in our <strong>massive catalogue</strong> – each product comes with its own full description so that you know how to use it as soon as you get it. You’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for!</p> <p></p>
  • Post-harvest items
    <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>After you harvest</strong> your cannabis plants, you still have a lot more to do before you can smoke your buds. This section contains everything you need for drying and curing your cannabis flowers.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">One of the <strong>most sought-after things</strong> when it comes to drying and curing cannabis are the Cedar 00 Boxes. These boxes are <strong>made out of quality wood</strong> and contain a thermos-hygrometer so that you can <strong>keep humidity under control</strong> inside the box itself. Each box has a mesh underneath where the weed is stored, which is used to collect any loose trichomes that fall from your buds. You can easily open up the bottom and <strong>remove any leftover resin</strong>.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">We <strong>stock <a href="">vacuum seal bags</a></strong> and bags that can be sealed using an iron or hair straightener – these types of bags are designed for conserving cannabis over large periods of time. Resin can deteriorate over time when exposed to air, so weed kept in these bags is usually of <strong>much better quality</strong> than weed kept in a normal baggie. Plus, they’re <strong>aroma-free</strong> so you can easily transport your cannabis without anyone catching on. We also stock machines for sealing your very own bags; they work with specific types of bags, and we even stock <strong>professional devices</strong> that store your weed in embossed vacuum seal bags.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">If you like making your own extracts, you’ll <strong>love this section</strong>. You can find many tools needed to make your <strong>very own weed extracts</strong>.</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Dry extracts</strong> generally have the best flavor and potency, plus they’re <strong>ready to consume</strong> as soon as you’ve finished making them. We have mesh extraction methods such as the TanTam, with which you can get a decent amount of resin from your leftover trimmings by simply giving the box a few taps. We also stock small shakers which do the same thing with smaller amounts of weed. If you like to make large extracts, we also stock machines that make enormous extracts in a manner of minutes.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">The strongest hash extracts are made using <strong>ice and water, a</strong> technique that has been around for years and produces amazing results. You can obtain various different qualities when doing this method, as it’s done using various different mesh bags with increasingly smaller holes. You’ll need to use a<strong> “<a href="">washer</a>” </strong>or bucket for the cold water and ice. The bags are used to remove any resin in the water, and need to be placed with the <strong>smallest mesh</strong> at the bottom and the largest one at the top – this means the first bag you take out should be the biggest mesh. This method is perfect for<strong> leftover trimmings</strong> from the harvest.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">Both dry and water extracts can be <strong>pressed into</strong> <strong>blocks once dried</strong>. You can use our small pollen presses to make your own small hash slab, or our large presses to make blocks if you have the material for it.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">The most <strong>potent extract</strong> that you can make from your flowers and trimmings is <strong>BHO</strong>, Butane Hash Oil. This type of extract essentially only takes the cannabinoids from your weed, leaving other substances such as chlorophyll and plant parts behind. You can extract <strong>from 30 to 98% THC</strong> from your plants, so it’s a great way to make the most out of your trimmings. We sell various <strong>types of gas</strong> needed to use this method, and each product comes with a detailed description.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">If you’re not sure <strong>what to do with your weed after harvesting</strong>, this section contains everything you might need. Every product has instructions and a <strong>detailed description</strong> so that you know exactly what it is that you’re purchasing.</p>
  • Grinders
    <p>In this section you can find that <strong>exact grinder you’ve been looking for</strong> – in our grinder section we have a wide selection of different, unique and up-to-date grinders, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Each product has its own description of how the grinder works, its size and any important details we think you should know. This way you know exactly what it is you’re buying even before it arrives at your door.</p> <p>First we have the <strong>typical plastic grinder</strong>, the cheapest ones that everyone ends up losing or breaking at some point, but that’s why they’re so handy – it’s super cheap to replace them. We have typical two part grinders with the little container, and we also have 5 part plastic grinders that have a sort of mesh inside that filters the trichomes and resin through to the bottom so you can keep it to make hash later on.</p> <p>We also have <strong>affordable metal grinders</strong>, in two parts and three parts; we have various models, colors and designs. For example, we have grinders without resin meshes such as the Cupin Grinder, or others that do have resin meshes like the Apple grinder. Two part grinders are always handy to have on you when you go out as they weigh much less than grinders with three parts and the resin mesh.</p> <p><strong><a href="">Spyral grinders</a></strong> are some of the most sought-after grinders in our catalogue. They’re made out of quality materials, affordable, and there are many different models and sizes. We stock 2 part Spyral grinders as well as 4 part ones with resin meshes, as well as a whole separate container for the weed to fall down into. In as far as size, we stock from 40mm to 62mm.</p> <p>We also stock some unique designs, such as small 3cm metal grinders, camouflage grinders that look like Duracell batteries, grinders with handles; our electric grinder is our most-sold one, as it also has a resin mesh that automatically collects any fallen trichomes.</p> <p>Then we have higher end grinders that are a bit more costly such as <strong>Thorinder</strong> – this grinder is made out of extremely light materials. It’s available in two sizes; a small one for when you leave the house with your friends and a bigger one for when you’re rolling at home. We also have the <strong>Quick Grinder</strong> that has a button on each side so that you can just press down and get your weed out without having to bash it around.</p> <p>We’re constantly updating our catalogue with new products such as the <strong>Vibrating Grinder</strong> that vibrates the weed out without having to hit it off the table etc – <strong>the <a href="">MedTrainer grinder</a></strong> can be used to store your weed and grind it.</p> <p>Grinders are a fundamental part of every <strong>smokers essential kit</strong>, and getting a new one is always fun. They’re perfect as gifts, and we have an enormous range of different models, sizes and colors right here – go check out our different grinders and read the descriptions written by our team of professionals here at</p>
  • Camouflage
    <p>The best camouflage items are now available at at great prices. <strong>Hide your weed</strong> in a <a href="">Coca-Cola or Pepsi can</a> or in a bottle of water in a very simple and effective way. Concealment products of all types and for all budgets, made in maximum detail and quality. </p> <p>You will find<strong> hermetic jars</strong> to keep your marijuana in and hide it anywhere without any annoying smells popping up. Avoiding smell escapes is essential to marijuana concealment. Jars are available in several sizes according to the amount you need to hide and the room you have. The smallest jars can be taken with you and placed inside other concealment items such as camouflage bottles. The biggest models can be used to transport weed safely, as these containers don't let off any odor and they're incredibly well detailed.</p> <p><strong>Camouflage bottles</strong> are one of the most striking products since it is hard to believe what can be kept inside, even after seeing them. Some models are imitation bottles of water or cans of soda. The bottles are transparent and it's incredible what can be <strong>hidden inside.</strong> If you put an air-tight jar inside a concealment bottle and wrap it in paper so it doesn't move or make any sound, you will have the perfect camouflaged weed.</p> <p>All products <strong>perfectly mimic the weight and hardness of real cans and bottles</strong>, making it impossible for anybody know what's inside. They have a compartment inside that can be closed with a lid so that no smells can filter out. They're available in different designs (brands) and sizes so that you can choose your favorite drink and keep your weed hidden among your regular cans while you travel or even at home.</p> <p>We have an <strong>empty beer barrel</strong>, that you can leave as is or fill to add weight, which you can carry with us or put on top of the fridge. You can hide money or light objects inside and nobody will be any the wiser. There is also the soda can model that can easily be kept among your beers in the fridge without raising any suspicions.</p> <p>You will also find <strong>normal daily objects</strong> that can hold important secrets, such as a marker with three compartments for different substances, lipstick to carry in a bag or pocket, a torch that can be used as a key ring, an <strong>imitation Duracell battery</strong> in three sizes, the lense of a photograph camera with a big compartment inside, a fried tomato can, a partially filled crisp bag, a fire-extinguisher that can be opened in half, an air-freshener spray for the car and even a car lighter. No one would suspect these objects that raise no suspicions when put in the <strong>right location</strong> and they can hide anything.</p> <p>Another object that doesn't attract attention at all is a book; we have plenty of camouflage books in stock. They have a cover and paper pages that imitate a normal book, but they have a box inside that closes by means of a key. You can leave it on any table or desk without anybody realizing you're hiding your <strong>precious objects inside</strong>.</p> <p>One of the most widely-used objects is the camouflage <strong>Ultra-Magnetic Jar</strong>, which can be filled with whatever you want and fixed to a metal surface. A <strong>powerful magnet</strong> will keep it attached even if it gets bumped about. It is ideal to carry under a car or trailer, to attach it to metal beams at home, etc. We've even attached it to the metal parts inside of a sofa. Thanks to this jar you'll be able to hide whatever you want in unsuspected places.</p> <p>If you're looking to hide any drug substances in a test, that can also be done. There are <strong>different products that</strong>, when ingested or mouth-washed, can eliminate any drug residues from your body even if it's only for a few hours. They are available in different types, since there are different drug tests.</p> <p>For urine analysis you'll need a <strong>liquid product</strong> that can cancel out any positive drug-test results. Generally, these drinks require you to drink a whole lot of water too, and contain minerals that substitute ours, diluting urine a lot but without eliminating minerals which will lead to a null result (diluted urine with no minerals is a revealing sign that you might have drank a lot in order to pass the test). It is not a miracle-worker nor does it remove any high you might be on, but it tricks urine tests during a <strong>certain amount of time</strong>.</p> <p>If what you are going to take is a blood test, you can take <strong><a href="">Magnum Instant Flush</a>. </strong>This liquid manages to <strong>cancel out positive-results</strong> to all drug tests from a few minutes after the taking until 6 hours after. If your spit is going to be tested the result will also be negative, but you need to take the liquid<strong> a few minutes</strong> before the test is done.</p> <p>Whatever you are looking for to hide your products you will most certainly find it in our <strong>selection of camouflage products and novelties</strong>. Models for all tastes and needs so that you can acquire the object you'll make the most of.</p>
  • Vaporizers
    <p class="MsoNormal">These <strong>cannabis and BHO vaporizers</strong> come in plenty of sizes and prices – you may not be able to afford a full <a href="">Volcano</a> tabletop, but we’re sure that you’ll find something in this category that fits your needs and your budget. <strong>Stop burning</strong> up your weed and <strong>start vaping</strong> to make the most of the medicinal effects of your cannabis.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">We stock <strong>vapes for just cannabis</strong> and then other <strong>vapes for extracts</strong> such as BHO, allowing you to vape your oils just like cannabis. We have quite a wide selection on our page; from full-on<strong> tabletop vaporizers</strong> to more portable, <strong>battery-operated vaporizers</strong> that you can use wherever and whenever you want. We also stock spare parts for all of the vaporizers that we sell just in case you have a mishap or your vape isn’t doing too well because of good old wear and tear.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Portable vaporizers</strong> are great for bringing out and about with you, especially for medicinal users that require their specific dosage every certain amount of time. You can vape your cannabis anywhere you want thanks to these <strong>battery-operated models</strong>. Depending on the model, your vape should have a long battery life, although some models such as the <strong>Vapipe or VapBox</strong> use rechargeable batteries that don’t last too long. However, the Vapomax V.8 uses long-lasting lithium batteries.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Tabletop vaporizers</strong> are best for keeping at home and plugged in – you’ll <strong>never run out of battery</strong> halfway through. They also have much more potent coils and generally produce more vapor than portable vaporizers; they’re perfect for those that need to see the vapor <strong>after toking</strong> to feel satiated. When it comes to these vapes, <strong>price definitely matters</strong> – if you get one of the cheaper versions, such as the Bola vape, you’ll have a good experience but you’ll still be wasting part of your weed, as it isn’t as efficient as other models. The same half a gram in the <strong>Bola vape</strong> can last for up to 4 Volcano balloons.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">If you consume cannabis for <strong>purely medicinal reasons</strong>, smoking is definitely not the best option, especially if you’re trying to treat something. When vaporized, cannabis is much more potent, there’s no combustion involved and its properties are much more pronounced and intensel. When you smoke a joint you’re absorbing up to<strong> 20% of the cannabinoids in your weed</strong>, whereas when vaporizer, you can absorb up to <strong>90%</strong> - this is much handier for those looking for medicinal properties and not just a good time.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">If you’re looking for strong effects we <strong>highly recommend vaping cannabis concentrates</strong> or extracts such as <strong>BHO or hash</strong>. These extracts contain high amounts of concentrated cannabinoids, which offer a much more intense and faster effect. Plus, vapes designed for cannabis extracts are generally cheaper than those designed for flowers. We stock a <a href="">large amount of </a><strong><a href="">electric pipes</a> such as the Pipeta Deluxe</strong> or the Vapen Vape, both of which allow you to vape both cannabis and extracts.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Vapes that don’t produce much vapor <strong>aren’t usually used recreationally</strong>; the higher the temperature the denser the vapor, although many important medicinal cannabinoids evaporate from 60 degrees onwards. The lower the temperature the more <strong>medicinal and relaxing the effect</strong>, however you won’t see much vapor and this is <strong>usually a downside</strong> for those looking to feel satiated in the same way as they do when they smoke.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Have a look at the <strong>various brands and models that we stock above</strong> – compare different brands, as we have similar vapes by different brands that might catch your eye. Regardless of the type of vape you’re looking for, we have something for everyone, from <strong>portable to tabletop</strong>, from expensive to cheaper – get vaping today! Plus, we have <strong>amazing discounts on almost all models</strong>.</p>
  • Cannabis Books
    <p class="MsoNormal">In this section you can find <strong>some of the best literature when it comes to growing cannabis</strong>; everything you need to know about growing cannabis written by some of the best growers in the world. If you’ve never grown cannabis before you can start from scratch both indoors and outdoors using these books; you’ll read information from what substrates are best, to how to <strong>harvest and dry cannabis flowers</strong>.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">We stock books by renowned authors such as <strong>Jorge Cervantes, Juan Robledo and Elisabet Riera</strong> – improve your technique and grow some of the best cannabis plants you’ve ever seen.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">One of our <strong>most-sold books</strong> is Jorge Cervantes’ <strong>indoor/outdoor grow bible</strong>. It’s a fantastic guide; every time you read it you’ll learn something new that you didn’t realize before. You’ll find information from how to germinate cannabis seeds to some of the <strong>most typical issues</strong> when it comes to growing cannabis such as <strong>nutrient deficiencies and insect infestations</strong> – every grower should have a copy of this book in their house.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">We stock books about specific growing media such as <strong>books on growing in soil for traditional growers</strong>. We also have books on growing in coco and hydroponic settings for those that have always been tempted but never know where to start. If you take a quick look at the book descriptions you’ll see that it isn’t that difficult, it just requires a <strong>bit more investigation</strong>.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">As well as growing books, we also <strong>stock books</strong> that deal with medicinal cannabis such as <strong>Positive Cannabis</strong>. In this book, Wernard Bruining explains how to make your very own cannabis oil and the benefits that can be obtained from this natural substance. He also makes a comparison between his oil and other <strong>medications such as benzocaine</strong>.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">As well as books, we also <strong>stock DVDs</strong> that can help you learn if you’re more of a visual learner. Learn everything you need in order to grow your very own successful cannabis plant. You’ll be an expert in no time thanks to the amount of information contained in these DVDs. We even have a DVD by Green House Seeds, in which they talk about how to grow the <strong>strains that they breed</strong>.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">We also have “for dummies” versions of these books that use<strong> more colloquial language</strong> for those that have absolutely no idea what they’re doing. Juan Robledo has two books in which he shares tips and hints on improving yield both indoors and outdoors. Even if you think that you know everything about indoor growing, Robledo is here to prove you wrong. Grow <strong>amazingly professional plants</strong>, from feminized to regular and autoflowering plants. He’ll show you how to grow enormous plants so that you only have to grow once or twice a year.</p> <p></p> <p class="MsoNormal">If you want to increase your <strong>cannabis knowledge</strong> or start learning about the world of marihuana, get your hands on one of these <strong>books or DVDs</strong> and follow their advice – they are some of the best professional cannabis growers in the world!</p>

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If you’re looking for an affordable online headshop, you’re in the right place! is a large online headshop based in Spain with over 40 retail stores in Spain and South America. If you need it, we have it! Affordable prices, unique products and amazing offers.

Anything and everything that you could possibly need to enjoy your cannabis or extracts, from simple everyday products such as rolling papers and lighters, to more detailed devices such as BHO rigs and tabletop vaporizers – and everything in between!

Are you in the market for a new bong or pipe? Look no more; you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for right here. We stock dozens of different bong models, from glass to borosilicate to food-grade silicone bongs that are practically indestructible and glow in the dark! We also sell hookahs for the more sophisticated group smoker, whether you want to enjoy some flavored tobacco with friends or use it to smoke your weed; it’s up to you.

If you’re less analog and more technological, why not check out our portable vapes and tabletop vaporizers? Whether you prefer to vape on the go or like having friends around and making it a party, we’ve got the device you need. Looking for a particular brand? No worries, we have them all! From basic Essenz e-cigarettes to DaVinci, CloudV and Volcano desktops! We stock vapes ranging from all prices and sizes, so there’s no need to worry if you’re on a tight budget; there’s something for everyone!

For the more sneaky stoners out there, we also have a section full of stash items that you can use to hide your valuables away whenever you need to! Is that a Coke can? Nope, it’s a secret stash where you can hide your weed, money, car keys and anything else that will fit!
If you’re planning a trip anytime soon, you might want to check out our magnetic undercarriage boxes for underneath your car – they’re super strong and can withstand many a bump, allowing you to transport your precious goods to and from wherever you need in total comfort.

If you want to read up on cannabis, its effects and what it takes to grow it at home, check out our library! From books by the legendary Jorge Cervantes himself, to full-on how-to DVDs that will help you learn how to grow your very own cannabis!

If you already know a bit about growing cannabis, why not check out our online growing supplies section? We stock everything from fully equipped grow tents, to individual parts so that you can set up your very own automatic indoor growing room! Go check it out!

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We’re proud to offer our customers free 24h shipping & delivery within the Iberian Peninsula (mainland Spain) with purchases of 30€ or more. Deliveries to Spanish islands and archipelagos such as the Balearic and Canary Islands and Ceuta and Melilla may take between 48-72h. Free shipping only applies to the Spanish mainland, and fees/shipping times may vary depending on your region and the weight of your package.