Online Headshop | GB The Green Brand

Online Headshop | GB The Green Brand

Online Headshop | GB The Green Brand

If you’re looking for an affordable online headshop, you’re in the right place! GB The Green Brand is a large online headshop based in Spain with over 40 retail stores in Spain and South America. If you need it, we have it! Affordable prices, unique products and amazing offers.

Anything and everything that you could possibly need to enjoy your cannabis or extracts, from simple everyday products such as rolling papers and lighters, to more detailed devices such as BHO rigs and tabletop vaporizers – and everything in between!

Are you in the market for a new bong or pipe? Look no more; you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for right here. We stock dozens of different bong models, from glass to borosilicate to food-grade silicone bongs that are practically indestructible and glow in the dark! We also sell hookahs for the more sophisticated group smoker, whether you want to enjoy some flavored tobacco with friends or use it to smoke your weed; it’s up to you.

If you’re less analog and more technological, why not check out our portable vapes and tabletop vaporizers? Whether you prefer to vape on the go or like having friends around and making it a party, we’ve got the device you need. Looking for a particular brand? No worries, we have them all! From basic Essenz e-cigarettes to DaVinci, CloudV and Volcano desktops! We stock vapes ranging from all prices and sizes, so there’s no need to worry if you’re on a tight budget; there’s something for everyone!

For the more sneaky stoners out there, we also have a section full of stash items that you can use to hide your valuables away whenever you need to! Is that a Coke can? Nope, it’s a secret stash where you can hide your weed, money, car keys and anything else that will fit!
If you’re planning a trip anytime soon, you might want to check out our magnetic undercarriage boxes for underneath your car – they’re super strong and can withstand many a bump, allowing you to transport your precious goods to and from wherever you need in total comfort.

If you want to read up on cannabis, its effects and what it takes to grow it at home, check out our library! From books by the legendary Jorge Cervantes himself, to full-on how-to DVDs that will help you learn how to grow your very own cannabis!

If you already know a bit about growing cannabis, why not check out our online growing supplies section? We stock everything from fully equipped grow tents, to individual parts so that you can set up your very own automatic indoor growing room! Go check it out!

Online Headshop | Shipping & Delivery

We’re proud to offer our customers free 24h shipping & delivery within the Iberian Peninsula (mainland Spain) with purchases of 30€ or more. Deliveries to Spanish islands and archipelagos such as the Balearic and Canary Islands and Ceuta and Melilla may take between 48-72h. Free shipping only applies to the Spanish mainland, and fees/shipping times may vary depending on your region and the weight of your package.