Headshop - Paraphernalia

Headshop - Paraphernalia

Smoking paraphernalia is the best-selling section of all growshops. Find hundreds of products such as marijuana disguisers, scales, grinders or jars. Here you can find the newest smoking items and that funny product you wanted to have.

It includes a subsection with marijuana growing books with which you will learn how to grow from scratch. Thanks to them you will learn new techniques and tricks to increase your production. The most famous works of cannabis literature in one single section.

You will find a wide selection of grinders and crushers for marijuana: from the simplest two-side ones to the last novelties. Two of the highlights are Spiral -a grinder which comes in several sizes and a screen to sieve and collect the pollen- and another model that features a vibrator, so that you don't need to hit the grinder to the get the pollen (kief) to fall inside the storage compartment.

We have prepared a whole section with everything a smoker needs for his daily routine: whole boxes of smoking paper, carbon filters to increase purity, complete packs including a grinder, a pipe and a lighter (and ideal gift) or a gadget to keep your joint when you cannot finish it and want to do it later.

If you don't smoke joints, you will love our selections of water pipes, hookahs and bongs. Here you can find glass bongs in all sizes and models. Apart from the classic one, there are many types. Some of them feature two bowls  so you can use two substances at a time while others come with several hoses, so several people can smoke from the same bong. 

There are also hookahs and shishas to smoke flavoured tobaccos, which can also be used to smoke marijuana, although that's not their intended use. If you are more of an old-schooler, you will appreciate our selection of pipes for smoking marijuana and hash, from the regular metal one to the glass ones with a hole to control the entrance of smoke.

If you cannot smoke or simply want to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without combustion, you can use vaporizers. Sorted out by brands, you will find the one you are looking for among tens of models. Some are more expensive than others. Likewise, some are more satiating than others. The portable ones will hardly satisfy a regular smoker, though it will be largely enough for the occasional user. Vaporizers with one bag are the ones that make an optimal use of the weed, particularly, the Vulcano vaporizer.

We also offer scales that let you know the exact weight yielding by a certain plant, to find out the resin/weed ratio or to measure powder fertilizer. From the most economical ones to the ones by the brand Tanita, one of the most prestigious in this field.

One the best-selling sections in our website is the one concerning disguising objects where you will find daily routine objects with a double-bottom so that nobody suspects what they hide. Relax and stay assured no one can notice your smoking stuff and most precious objects while you move around.