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Serious Seeds is a Dutch cannabis seed bank that was founded in 1995. Simon, their founder, was determined to start his own bank; the year before, in 94, his AK47 and Chronic plants won prizes in Amsterdam’s High Times cannabis cup. Simon was travelling around Africa during the 80s, learning about cannabis, smoking weed and collecting seeds for himself. He was hired by Alan Dronkers, Sensi Seeds’ founder. After working there for years and learning from the best, he started Serious Seeds.

Serious Seeds has an amazing reputation, known for producing high end cannabis seeds that produce enormous yields and delicious flavors. Serious Seeds only produces quality seeds, which is proven by the fact that all of their seeds have won cannabis competitions. They stock feminized, autoflowering and regular seeds.

When it comes to their feminized seeds, Chronic is one of their first ever creations that helped them to create many of their other strains. This plant is an indica/sativa hybrid that produces indica-like yields. Our expert growers have managed to get over 600g per square meter indoors. This strain centers most of its yield on the central stem, so it doesn’t like being topped or pruned excessively. This strain is perfect for experienced smokers, as it gives as intense high – you’ll be couch-locked in no time. Chronic by Serious Seeds is a strain that every grower should grow at least once – it has quite the history behind it, and has been perfected over the years.

Another of their original strains come about just a few years after they started creating seeds; Warlock was released onto the market in 1997 is a strain that provides consumers with intensely relaxing effects as well as a delicious fruity and citric flavor. This strain has won an amazing amount of prizes since it was created and it’s still winning. Outdoors it does perfectly, producing many branches when given enough space. You can harvest around 500g per plant – careful though, this strain is incredibly potent.

Serious Seeds also has a wide selection of regular seeds – if you’re used to growing feminized seeds, you might want to give their regular seeds a go. We recommend growing Biddie Early Regular. This is the perfect strain for starting out with regular strains – it does amazingly well when it comes to humidity, cold and mold. It does pretty well indoors, however, we recommend growing it outdoors due to how sturdy and strong it is. You can easily grow it to around 2m tall without much effort, harvesting up to 250g per plant.

Some of their strains come from the US – Serious Seeds was one of the first EU banks to begin importing strains from the US. This is because some of Simon’s US partners brought them to the EU from the states, they were having legal troubles and were forced to give the plants to Simon – a clear example of one of these strains is Bubble Gum Regular.

Bubble Gum Regular by Serious Seeds is known for its intense strawberry bubblegum aroma – it’s super easy to recognize. Its effect is super energetic and euphoric and its flavor is just as sweet as its flavor. This amazing strain has won the High Times Cannabis Cup over 10 times now, which is one of the most prestigious prizes in the cannabis sector. Bubble Gum Regular does amazingly both indoors and outdoors – we tried it out indoors and we harvested 450g from a square meter indoors. Its buds are incredibly resinous – we highly recommend using a decent aroma filter when grown indoors.

Serious Seeds is one of our must trustworthy seed banks – the quality of their seeds is undeniable, so if you want to start growing truly potent and delicious strains, give Serious Seeds a go. Have a look at their full catalogue right here, with complete descriptions of each and every strain so that you know what to expect.