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Samsara Seeds | The Alchemist and More

Samsara Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that’s been around for over a decade now. Their strains are hybrids that were created from classic strains such as Jack Herer and Northern Lights. At we absolutely love their feminized strain which is called El Alquimista, which means the Alquimist – they also have an autoflowering version of this strain.

El Alquimista is a combination between two legendary strains, Northern Lights and AK47. Even though it does quite well indoors with a potent lighting system outdoors is where it will do best. This strain is incredibly strong and sturdy, especially when it comes to high temperatures. It’s incredibly important to train the branches or else they may end up bending and breaking due to their hefty cannabis buds. Towards the end of September you should be able to harvest up to 700g per plant outdoors – you’ll have an interesting winter ahead. Its effect is mixed and quite stimulating, although it’s relaxing after a while.

On the other hand, they’ve made an autoflowering version of their main seed called Alquimista Auto. After just two months, it’ll be ready to harvest and dry. It doesn’t grow that tall at all, although it’s still capable of producing enormous yields along the main branch. It doesn’t grow out that wide, which makes it perfect for small indoor setups; you can place quite a few specimens without having them overlap. It produces a delicious wood and incensed flavor with a deep earthy aftertaste.

Samsara Seeds spends an awful lot of energy on perfecting and creating a balanced plant that gives absolutely amazing results. Try this amazingly professional strain and you’ll be surprised.