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Royal Queen Seeds Full Catalogue

Royal Queen Seeds | Entire Seed Catalogue

Royal Queen Seeds is a Dutch seed bank that has been offering some of the best strains on the market for over 20 years now. They have plenty of experience when it comes to breeding and growing cannabis, with many different award-winning strains. All of their strains are carefully selected, and the seeds’ purity is checked as well as their germination rate – they are perfectly stored and packaged so that they reach your home in perfect conditions.

Royal Queen Seeds is an internationally renowned seed bank that’s considered one of the leading banks in the world. Their incredible effort and the amount of work that they’ve put into their strains is quite honorable. They currently have an incredibly large amount of seeds in their catalogue, allowing you to choose between 80 different cannabis strains. This particular category contains all of their strains so that you can browse them in the one spot.

When it comes to their feminized strains, one of their most popular strains is Royal Gorilla. This is one of their absolute masterpieces when it comes to strength and psychoactivity, producing up to 25% THC which can be up to 30% in some cases – quite incredible. Its effects are incredibly intense; brace yourself for the first few days, it’ll get easier after that. It gives an intense euphoric long-lasting effect that’ll have you uncontrollably giggling. It has a delicious earthy and citric flavor that will melt in your mouth. When it comes to growing it, it’s proven to be incredibly sturdy and resistant to fungi and insects, yielding up to 500g per square meter indoors and up to 1kg per plant outdoors. Another important factor is the intense high it offers, meaning that you’ll need to smoke less to get high.

One of their best creations when it comes to CBD-rich cannabis strains is called Royal Highness CBD. This absolute beauty of a strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has a THC:CBD 1:1 ratio, making it a great medicinal strain. This perfect balance allows consumers yo get a soft bodily relaxation alongside a slight mental effect that isn’t too intense. It can be used to alleviate pain, as well as improving the mode. Its flavor is super fruity, with hints of classic Skink. We recommend growing it outdoors, in mild areas – it doesn’t do too well in the cold. We’ve managed to grow it up to 3m tall, harvesting around 700g per plant. Royal Highness CBD by Royal Queen Seeds is a delicious strain you’ll want to keep growing.

When it comes to autoflowering strains Royal Queen Seeds has always been the “queen”, producing quality seeds that grow incredibly fast and are super easy to grow. One of their most legendary autoflowering strains is Royal AK Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds. This strain is just as potent as the strain used to create it, AK47, although it’s simpler and faster to grow. It should be ready to harvest in just under 3 months, with a few extra flowering weeks that allow it to produce up to half a kilo per square meter indoors. This strain is one of their most-sold seeds due to the high amount of resin produced alongside its intense euphoric effect and delicious resinous flavor.

Royal Queen Seeds grows using exclusively organic products which guarantee organic seeds that haven’t had their internal properties modified at all. Your work will be halved thanks to how easy they are to germinate and take care of – there’s a reason that RQS is currently one of the leading seed banks in the world. Thanks to their extensive catalogue, you should be able to find the perfect seed for your needs.