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Reggae Seeds Full Seed Catalogue

Reggae Seeds | Entire Seed Catalogue

Reggae Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that has a large amount of regular and feminized seeds.  Founded in 2006, they’re constantly searching for and creating new strains, trading with other breeders or banks. Their main strain contains a high amount of CBD, allowing for its medicinal use.

They also stock a few regular seeds in their catalogue – you may be asking yourself why, as many seeds banks consider the future of seeds to be feminized strains. Well, reggae Seeds has always bred regular strains and consider themselves to be quite the experts. They use a lot of the male strains they grow in order to breed the rest of their strains, making for more genetic diversity in their cannabis.

All of their plants are grown with natural and bio products, all of which have been categorized as organic plant products.

When it comes to their feminized strains, one of their most famous strains is Juanita La Lagrimosa, although they’ve also made some pretty special strains using it. Sra. Amparo by Reggae Seeds is a special strain that’s ready to harvest in less than 3 months. This sativa-dominant plant (85%) produces a delicious pine and wood flavor with incensed hints and a euphoric stimulating effect that’ll help you to get through your daily chores. When flowering, it can produce beautiful blue flowers. It can yield up to 400g per square meter outdoors.

Their regular seeds have been used many, many times in order to create many different strains. One of their favorite creations is Dancehall Regular, which is another strain that comes from Juanita la Lagrimosa. This strain has won plenty of cannabis-related competitions. It’s a sativa-dominant plant that was designed to produce a pleasing mental effect alongside a delicious citric flavor. We recommend growing tis strain indoors, where you’ll need to use a SoG method if you can due to the small amount of branches that it produces. With around 9-10 plants, you should be able to harvest around 400g per square meter. We don’t know the exact amount of THC in this strain but we do know that it’s quite high.

 We could spend forever talking about each and every one of their strains so that you can get to know the better, but why don’t you check them out for yourself? Each seed comes with a full description so that you can pick the perfect one. Also, if you want to get the best possible flavors, we recommend trying one of their regular strains, which offer the purest cannabis flavors possible.