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Positronics Seeds | Full Seed Catalogue

Positronics is a Dutch seed bank that has been directly and indirectly involved in the cannabis industry since the 60s. During this period, Wernard Bruining discovered his passion for growing and developing cannabis strains. From that point onwards, he began travelling all around the world, meeting cannabis activists and amazing strains; he spent and long stint in California back in the 80s, finishing his massive trip in 2004, in Spain, where he moved his seed bank to. From the 90s onwards, Spain began to turn into a cannabis seed production paradise, which is why he moved his entire company to Malaga, Spain.

Positronics is one of the best seed banks in the world thanks to their quality seeds and amazing creations that they’ve been creating over the years while Bruining travelled around the world. This seed bank is also considered a pioneer when it comes to maintain mother plants for making cuttings. We’ve collected all of their strains in this one category to make your search that much easier; autoflowering and feminized strains.

One of their most classic strains that everyone loves is called SuperCheese. This hybrid has always been high up on my list; it’s hard to find strains that are as productive as this strain while still staying perfectly compact, especially indoors. This plant is super discreet and it’s great for using the SCRoG method. You can harvest enormous yields from dense and hard buds which produce incredibly strong relaxing effects.

One of their most exotic strains is Chizpa. This sativa-dominant hybrid will have you flying after just one drag, activating all of your senses and producing a strong medicinal stimulation. Its flavor is incredibly Diesel-like; citric with spicy hints. When it comes to yield, it does well both indoors and outdoors. We highly recommend growing it outdoors if you have enough experience and space; this strain will grow massive, producing beautiful resinous buds – just one plant can produce up to 800g.

When it comes to their autoflowering strains, we’d love to talk about Wernard Express, named after the founder of Positronics. This combination comes from an AK47 which was crossed with an Afghan Express, resulting in quite a high-yielding strain that can produce up to 500g per square meter indoors just a couple of months after germination. This indica-dominant strain was made as such because it’s Bruining’s favorite type of effect. This strain produces an intense relaxing sensation that isn’t too strong – you’ll feel pleasant and happy, while also relaxed. Its flavor is fruity and citric.

Positronics also has a growing range of CBD-rich strains. Their latest creation is CBD+ Caramelice Express, which produces a potent medicinal effect. This 50/50 hybrid has a 1:1 THC and CBD ratio, which makes it perfectly medicinal. It does well both indoors and outdoors, and its effect has been proven to relax muscle pain and relax the brain too, perfect for those that tend to get stressed out easily. This strain is perfect for both beginners and experts alike.

Positronics has quite a history behind them, but their story isn’t over yet. They work with some of the best seed experts in the world, Dutch, US and Spanish breeders and workers, perfecting their seeds as much as possible. Join Positronics’ army and be a part of history.