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Philosopher Seeds Full Seed Catalogue

Philosopher Seeds | Full Seed Catalogue

Philosopher Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that started out in 2008. The professionals that work at Philosopher Seeds put an incredible amount of care and effort when it comes to breeding their seeds, guaranteeing quality seeds. All of their seeds are perfect for growing in Mediterranean climates, so if you have the right climate we highly recommend growing this strain outdoors.

Philosopher Seeds has various different ranges, each one with feminized, autoflowering and regular versions. Philo Skunk by Philosopher’s Seeds is their version of one of the best Skunks on the market; it comes from a combination between a delicious Somango and a Mazar. Indoors is where this strain does best, allowing you to place plenty of plants in a small area. You can harvest around 600g per square meter from this impressive strain. It produces quite a lot of branches, so we recommend growing it using the SCRoG method in order to make the most out of its yield. When it comes to its effects, it’s slightly relaxing, and its flavor is deliciously sweet and fruity.

Early Maroc by Philosopher Seeds is a great choice if you’re planning on making your very own hash. This 100% sativa has a relatively short flowering period, allowing you to have it ready to harvest before summer is over. We highly recommend this strain if you’re planning on growing outdoors, as does the seed bank. It has a delicious strawberry chewing gum flavor and gives an energetic effect – amazing for making your own hash or BHO.

When it comes to autoflowering strains, Philosopher Seeds has quite a large amount of relaxing indica-dominant strains that also have high CBD contents. A great example of this is Lemon Auto CBD by Philosopher Seeds, which grows super short and produces average yields. This is one of their most versatile seeds that can do amazingly indoors in small rooms and outdoors, as well as on balconies and terraces or even on your window. You can harvest around 125g per plants outdoors – which is quite impressive considering that it’s an autoflowering strain. It has a delicious lemon flavor and offers an intense relaxing sensation.

They have quite an impressive regular strain that has a whole following. It’s called Jamaican Blueberry BX by Philosopher Seeds. This strain definitely prefers to be grown outdoors, and it absolutely loves prolonged sunlight exposure. You should be able to harvest around 500g per plant of fruity Blueberry flowers that produce amazing sativa stimulating effects.

Philosopher Seeds offers delicious and high-yielding strains that produce amazing results indoors, although they are designed to give even better results outdoors. You can find all of Philosopher Seeds’ strains in this particular category, allowing you to have a look through all of them and choose whichever one meets your needs.