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Ministry of Cannabis is a Dutch cannabis seed bank that was founded in 2008. They were originally located in Amsterdam, although in 2014 they shut up shop and moved down to Barcelona. They now grow their feminized strains in Holland and their autoflowering strains in Spain. This young seed bank has only been kicking since 2008, although they already have a vast wealth of experience breeding and selling cannabis seeds. Their main objective is to have seeds on offer all year round while also releasing new seeds every year.

Their seeds are characterized by the amazing results that they provide outdoors, especially when it comes to how easy they are to grow – perfect for beginners and experts alike. Ministry of Cannabis produces seeds that are pretty easy to get amazing results from, whether they’re feminized or autoflowering – you should get some pretty amazing results. Their original strains, which they’re incredibly proud of, are called Zensation and Carnival.

Hay-Z by Ministry of Cannabis is a sativa-dominant strain that produces enormous amounts of THC which cause energetic and euphoric effects. This plant grows quite large and can be hard to control indoors, so we highly recommend growing it outside. It’s quite used to tropical climates, so if you live somewhere where it gets quite hot during the summer, you’re in luck. Its branches grow quite long and end up covered in buds – you’ll want to train its branches from a young age. This amazing creation is quite potent; it’s sweet, fruity, and incensed.

Their legendary strain, and most popular strain, is White Widow. This amazing version is known for being a highly productive and resinous hybrid. It does better than the previous strain indoors, allowing you to harvest approximately half a kilo per square meter. We recommend using 16 flowerpots and the SoG method with a 600w lighting kit in order to get the best possible results. Outdoors, however, is where it does best, having produced up to 2kg per plant under the best possible conditions.

On the other hand, they also have a wide range of autoflowering plants. One of our favorites is Auto Silver Bullet, which can be ready to harvest after just two and a half months, producing up to half a kilo from 9 11L plants indoors per square meter; these results were obtained using a 600w light. Its effect is mentally stimulating and it produces an intense incensed and woody flavor.

Ministry of Cannabis clearly has Dutch roots, using classic Dutch strains as the basis for all of their creations, such as White Widow, Amnesia or Northern Lights. All of their strains have been perfected over time, stabilized to the utmost degree. Ministry of Cannabis is known for their affordable prices – even when it comes to their new limited edition strains. Of course, has added their own discount, making these some of the best choices for those that love old school weed.