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Pi Technics Products

Pi Technics Products

Pi Technics is a Dutch company that designs amazing hydroponic growing systems called the Pi Rack, or the Pi Wall if acquired in parts. They’ve invented a complex watering system in a vertical format, allowing you to make the most of your available space. This vertical system allows you to place plenty of plants vertically in the one spot without shading any of them.

Their revolutionary Pi-Rack allows you to grow up to 320 plants at once in a space of just two cubed meters. This sublime device has one of the best designs possible when it comes to making the most of space indoors, allowing you to get amazing yields in really small rooms. Its octagonal design allows you to place up to 40 flowerpots in each wall, allowing for proper air circulation inside. You’ll need to include an air filtration system if you don’t want to end up with unwanted fungi and rot.

You can also buy the walls separately; the walls on their own are called Pi-Walls. These models are perfect for those that don’t have much space to grow in – around 40 plants is enough, allowing you to grow more than enough for yourself. You’ll need two lights for your Pi-Wall, which should be able to get enough light to your plants thanks to the necessary reflectors.

Pi Technics allows you to get a kit that comes with everything needed to start growing using their devices, such as their lighting and watering kit- Their design is incredibly efficient, allowing you to place as many walls as you want. You don’t need to spend a ridiculous amount on the entire thing; you can just try out one and see how it goes! It’s definitely worth it.