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Bayer Garden Products

Bayer Garden - Efficient Insecticides

Bayer is a multinational chemical-pharmaceutical German company that was established in 1863. Over the decades, they’ve branched out, and they now have a sub-organization called Bayer Garden, which deals exclusively in gardening products such as insecticides, repellents and various other products used to fight off pests.

Their gardening products are quite potent, exterminating insect infestations in no time at all. Also, you can use them both inside and outside – although chemical, it is safe to use these products in your home.

Solabiol by Bayer Garden is a natural acaricide, getting rid of fully grown spider mites, larvae and eggs, and you can even use it just a few days before harvesting. Thanks to its natural products, your cannabis plants will be perfectly fine. This product is authorized for organic use, both indoors and outdoors, containing mainly rapeseed oil and pyrethrins.

Decis Protech by Bayer Garden is a multifunctional chemical insecticide that acts as both a repellent and an insecticide. It has quite a short waiting period; you’ll need to spay it at least 7 days before harvesting. It has been proven to work against white flies, thrips and many other common cannabis insect infestations.

As you can see, we stock their most effective insecticides, helping you to get rid of any unwanted pests on your cannabis plants – or even in your home. Bayer Garden has the solution with incredibly affordable prices.