Neudorff Products

  • Trampas Atrapainsectos
    New! Available

    Adhesive Fly Catcher

    These fly catchers are perfect for keeping flying insects under control when they manage to find their way into your garden and onto your cannabis plants.

  • Ferramol Antilimacos

    Ferramol Anti-gastropod

    Ferramol® Anti-Gastropod by Neudorff is the best solution for pesky snails and slugs, being the only 100% natural insecticide that can be used use against these types of infestations.

  • Malusan® Pasta de poda

    Malusan® Pruning Paste

    Masulan® Pruning Sealer by Neudorff is a paste used to cover up any scars left from pruning your plants, allowing you to keep your mother plants in top shape, making it easier to obtain cuttings from them.

  • Neudo® -Vital Concentrado

    Neudo® - Vital Concentrate

    Neudo® - Vital Concentrado by Neudorff is an extremely effective biostimulant that raises your plants resistance against fungi like mildew and botrytis, making sure your plants stay nice and healthy.

  • Spruzit® Insecticida - Acaricida

    Spruzit® Insecticide - Antimite

    Spruzit® Insecticide – Antimite by Neudorff is a natural pyrethrin based insecticide, capable of killing off any eggs, larvae or adult insects that could be hiding in your crops.

Neudorff Products

Neudorff is a company that makes gardening products – this historic company was founded in Germany in the 19th century, and is still going strong today. Neudorff produces products such as insecticides and insect repellents. The company was officially founded in 1854 by Wilhelm Neudorff, releasing their first insecticide in 1861, which was called Spruzit, a name we still hear today. After over 150 years of history, this company has been through it all and they’re still kicking.

Their products are designed for people that prefer to use organic products on their crops or cannabis plants. Their potent insecticides are what we’re interested in; one of their best products is named after their first ever insecticide; Spruzit Acaricide. The first version was created back in 1861, although its formula has been improved upon over the decades. Its main ingredients are rapeseed and pyrethrum. This product has proven to provide some pretty effective results, getting rid of all kinds of spider mites, caterpillars and aphids, as well as other typical cannabis plant infestations. This product is 100% organic and has been certified; it works extremely fast and doesn’t leave any toxic residues.

Another of our favorite products is Neudo-Vital Concentrate. This 100% bio stimulant increases your plants’ strength and allows them to easily fight off fungi such as oidium or botrytis. It doesn’t produce any sort of negative effect in plants or animals, so it can be used outdoors safely. This product is organic certified and complies with EU regulations.

Neudorff has been working for over 150 years to perfect their products; you’ll never find anything as safe and effective. Keep your products healthy with environmentally-friendly products by Neudorff.