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00 Box - Boxes for Curing Marihuana

00 Box is a Spanish company founded back in 2005, and they create oak boxes used specifically for curing cannabis. They have a mesh screen on the bottom which is used to filter trichomes that fall off your buds while curing. They also come with gauges for humidity, as well as a humidifier.

They’ve won many, many prizes in cannabis events in paraphernalia categories, having been names the best product in Spain and the second in Europe at the European Products Awards held by High Times. In 2010, it won the best product in Spannabis, Barcelona as well as ExpoCannabis in Madrid. They are the leading brand when it comes to conserving and curing cannabis.

They have four different boxes in various sizes, from small to large. Each box has the same features and differs only in size and storage capacity. They’re made out of oak wood, which allows them to dry your cannabis slowly while keeping all of its effects intact. Each box also has a mesh filter along the bottom which allows you to filter out any loose trichomes from your buds. You’ll be able to make some quality hash afterwards. In order to control the exact humidity in the box, it comes with a precise hygrometer that gauges humidity, and a small sponge which you can wet in order to increase it if necessary. It can also be used to absorb excess humidity, so you can keep your buds perfectly stable while they cure.

Their latest addition is the 00 Box Pocket, which is a small box that’s made out of oak; it’s perfect for carrying around with you and keeping your flowers in absolute perfect condition. This small box makes the most out of your space, and it also has a mesh filter for any loose trichomes that you can collect whenever you want. It can hold around 2-3 grams of weed.

00 Box has an amazing selection of professional products that allow you to cure and conserve your delicious cannabis flowers. Make the most out of every last gram with 00 Box. All models available at the best possible price.