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Medical Seeds Entire Catalogue

Medical Seeds - Medicinal THC-rich Seeds

Medical Seeds is a cannabis seed bank based in Barcelona. Their founder, Javier Ruano, spend a large part of his working career in Canada, which is where he learnt about medicinal cannabis while also sharing his experience and knowledge. Once he got back to Spain he was determined to create his own seed bank, paying specific attention to the creation of purely medicinal seeds.

Their seeds have won many different prizes in different competitions as well as various different categories such as BHO extracts, resin and more. Medical Seeds have managed to perfect all of the strains in their catalogue when it comes to quality and balanced genes. Their strains always have high amounts of THC and average CBD contents, allowing for medicinal uses from THC. Medical Seeds has a regular, feminized and autoflowering catalogue that we’ve compiled in the one spot for you.

When it comes to their feminized strains, one of their most famous strains is called 1024. It’s perfect for those that are already used to strains with high amounts of THC. This strain is sativa-dominant, so if you’re growing indoors you’ll need to start it off at 12/12h in a small flowerpot if you don’t want it grow too large. You can harvest around 600g per square meter from this amazing strain.

Prozack by Medical Seeds is another feminized strain, although this one is an indica-dominant plant that might not give as large a yield as 1024, although it has similar THC and CBD levels. This medicinal strain is perfect for those looking for intermediate effects that aren’t that strong. This plant produces enormous amounts of resin, so we recommend growing it if you’re into making your own hash or BHO; pretty much any type of resin extract.

When it comes to their autoflowering and regular plants, they don’t have much variety, as they tend to spend most of their energy on creating new feminized strains. One of our favorites is No Name Auto by Medical Seeds, which has an average THC content (15%) and a delicious Skunk and Cheese flavor. Indoors you’ll be able to harvest potent, large buds, although if you can we highly recommend growing it outdoors which is where it gives the best possible results. You should be able to harvest around 160g per plant of delicious cheese-like buds.

They only stock one regular strain, which is called Deep Neville Regular. This amazing strain won various prizes in 2015 in various BHO and extract categories. This hybrid is incredibly resinous and it has quite a complex flavor; a combination of citric and metallic flavors, which make for some pretty special extracts. Their high THC content has proven to be effective at getting rid of nausea caused by chemotherapy and for treating eating disorders.

We have loved working with Medical Seeds and can guarantee that they’re a great choice for potent medicinal seeds. They have quite a large amount of medicinal sativa seeds, which is hard to find in other seed banks.