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Kannabia Seed Company Products

Kannabia Seed Company Full Catalogue

Kannabia Seed Company is a Spanish seed bank based in Granada that’s been selling their own seeds since back in 2006. They specialize in creating delicious strains that are super easy to grow; perfect for beginner or experienced homegrowers. On the other hand, their latest strains are perfect for indoor and hydroponic growing. Kannabia has an enormous seed catalogue with feminized, autoflowering and regular strains.

One of their most highly-sought out strains is Mataró Blue. Why? Well, it’s an absolute warrior of a plant that has been with them ever since they started. It’s the strain that has won the most prizes and the results it produces are way above average. It’s a triple hybrid; Blueberry, Black Domina, and an Afghani strain. The resulting plant is an indica-dominant strain that performs amazingly both indoors and outdoors. One of the most important things about this strain is its flavor, sweet and sour accompanied by potent relaxing effects, both medicinal and physical.

They have quite a few legendary strains such as Afrodite, Reina de Africa and Kiss (Cheese), although one of the best strains they’ve recently created is Gelato-K. This sativa-dominant strain is one of their most potently psychoactive strains. This US-inspired strain is delicious and fruity, producing around 450g-650g both indoors and outdoors.

Kannabia, like many other seed banks, has also created a range of CBD-rich strains. Swiss Dream CBD is one of their most successful medicinal strains – it contains around 7% CBD and just 0.2% THC, which means that it doesn’t produce any sort of psychoactive effect. Its balanced CBD content makes for a relaxing sensation that allows you to smoke all day without feeling too stoned. After just three months you should be able to harvest around 500g per square meter indoors or around 700g per plant outdoors.

Kannabia also has one of the best regular seeds on the market, and it’s called Neil Haze Regular. The seed bank itself only recommends this strain for experienced growers. This indica-dominant plant is highly stable and produces amazing flavors, a potent effect and is sturdy when it comes to insect infestations or bad weather. It’s great for growing outdoors, ready to harvest at the start of autumn. You can get around 1kg from just one of these plants. Its effects are sativa and euphoric, perfected to be the perfect “sativa bomb”.

Their autoflowering strains aren’t to be trifled with either; Baby Boom Auto by Kannabia is one of their best own creations. It comes from a triple cross between a Northern Lights, Blueberry and a Ruderalis strain. The resulting plant is small and compact, with a centered structure and plenty of thick buds. Indoors you can harvest around 500g per square meter just two months after germination. Outdoors it does well too, having produces up to 200g in the best possible case. It’s also great at dealing with insect infestation.

Kannabia Seed Co. has dedicated years and years to ensure that homegrowers around the world get the best seeds possible. They spend ages selecting their strains and hours stabilizing their genes in order to improve their quality. Give Kannabia a try.