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Ibiza Seeds Full Catalogue

Ibiza Seeds - Island Cannabis Seeds

Ibiza Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that has been working since 1996 to develop, improve and stabilize their own strains. They work from the island of Ibiza, which is a paradise for cannabis breeders thanks to its amazing climate. They have a small catalogue of indica and sativa strains, as well as both autoflowering and feminized strains.

Starting with their feminized strains, Ibiza Seeds guarantees 99% fem seedsBetty’s Candy is one of their most popular strains, behaving exceptionally well when grown outdoors. This strain grows quite a lot, growing over 2m tall with plenty of branches. It produces an enormous amount of flowers up and down each and every branch, allowing you to harvest around 750g per plant. If you live somewhere with a climate similar to that of Ibiza, (hot with low humidity) this strain is perfect for you. This indica-dominant strain produces large flowers that have an earthy, sweet flavor with hints of hash. Its relaxing effects are perfect for after a long, hard day.

When it comes to autoflowering strains, Orange Biscuit Auto by Ibiza Seeds is an absolute stunner. Its slight sativa-dominance prolongs the growth period for a couple more weeks, although you’ll be able to harvest larger yields in the process. These seeds are designed to be grown outdoors under mild temperatures, allowing you to harvest around 100g per plant, which is quite a lot for an autoflowering plant. Its flavor is super sweet and has strong caramel hints, too. Its effects are mixed, starting off nice and active and turning into a deep relaxing sensation.

Ibiza Seeds isn’t that well-known although the quality of their seeds is incredibly high. We’re super proud to be able to work with them exclusively, bringing their seeds to homes all over the country. Give them a look and read our detailed descriptions in order to figure out which seed is the right one for you.