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Heavyweight Seeds Full Catalogue

Heavyweight Seeds - Full Seed Catalogue

Heavyweight Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that was founded in 2008. They design and breed their own strains, guaranteeing 100% feminized strains and intense psychoactive effects which is why they’re called heavyweight – not for beginners!

Heavyweight Seeds is a seed bank that has a lot of Dutch influence when it comes to their seed catalogue, with the idea of opening their very own coffee shop in Amsterdam in mind. This category has a collection of all of their cannabis seeds, both autoflowering and feminized seed. They also have quite a wide range of medicinal and therapeutic strains.

When it comes to their feminized strains, one of our favorites is Monster Profit, which is a sativa-dominant hybrid that can produce up to 22% THC. It’s one of the most potent strains on the market, and its effect is active and energetic, as well as long-lasting and perfect for emptying your mind after a hard day at work. It’s a great anti-depressant too, making it medicinal even though it doesn’t have much CBD. Indoors you can easily harvest over 500g per square meter; this strain is ideal for a SoG system.

Strawberry cake by Heavyweight Seeds is one of the most indica-dominant plants in their catalogue; it’s around 70% indica. Outdoors it grows incredibly well, producing super dense flowers that you’ll rarely see on other strains. This plant doesn’t grow that big at all, although it does produce plenty of thick branches which makes up for the lack in height, producing up to 1kg per plant. Its Cheese genes give it a delicious flavor with fruity hints. Its effects are incredibly medicinally potent, calming any sort of physical pain. If you grow this strain you may end up planting it again and again.

When it comes to autoflowering strains, we’re incredibly satisfied with the wide variety that heavyweight has on offer. One of our favorites is Fully Loaded Auto. This strain has everything you could ever want in an autoflowering plant. It’s a super-easy and fast plant to grow, producing enormous amounts of delicious flowers and resin. Plus, it can produce THC levels of up to 20% according to lab tests. After just two months you’ll be able to enjoy this delicious strain and its sweet, earthy flavors. You’ll start feeling happy and creative as soon as you smoke it. Indoors, with around 9-10 flowerpots, you should be able to harvest around 500g per square meter of plants.

Heavyweight Seeds is an amazing cannabis seed bank that has their sights set on improving both the service and the quality of their final product – their seeds- They’re already world-renowned breeders, so give them a go!