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Genehtik Entire Seed Bank

Genehtik Seeds - Entire Seed Catalogue

Genehtik is a Spanish seed bank from Basque Country. They opened officially back in 2003, although they have been operational unofficially since the 90s, creating their official seeds. They started off with their incredibly famous Kritikal Bilbo, a seed that is still super famous years and years later. They are still going strong with their potent Kritikal Bilbo.

Genehtik has stabilized their main strains, winning prized and awards all around the world. Their seeds are high in demand by growers everywhere.

Kritikal Bilbo by Genehtik is one of their main strains. This indica-dominant strain causes intensely relaxing effects and can increase the appetite also. This strain hardly takes any time at all to flower, around a month and a half, especially indoors – it can produce up to 450g per square meter. This strain lets off an intense, pungent aroma, so you’ll need to get your hands on a decent anti-odor method or system.

On the other hand, we highly recommend growing Santa Bilbo by Genehtik, a sativa-dominant plant that has a delicious sweet and incensed flavor. This strain is a high-yielder both indoors and outdoors, producing the best results when grown in a SCRoG system. Outdoors, in warm climates, we’ve managed to easily harvest up to 800g per plant.

Genehtik also has a few autoflowering strains, and they’re releasing more and more every year. Northern Lights Auto by Genehtik is definitely worth being up there with the best legendary strains. This almost-pure indica strain has intensely relaxing and potent effects, alongside a deliciously strong earthy flavor. Indoors you can harvest around 40g per plant in small flowerpots – our experts managed to get around 500g from 16 flowerpot. This strain has been stabilized over years and years of growing, becoming stronger and more resistant to insect infestations.

We love their most recent plants, such as Medizinal CBD, which has very clear medicinal uses. It contains around 15% CBD when grown right. Its relaxing effects make it quite smooth, and its citric orange-like flavor is delicious. Indoors it performs in much the same way as their other strains, producing around 500g per square meter indoors, which should be ready to harvest after just three months.

Genehtik also has their very own range of liquid fertilizers, which come in super affordable packs. Their flowering pack contains everything you need to increase yield in your plants, such as an amino-acidic flowering stimulant, a bud fattener and a PK product, greatly increasing the density of your buds and adding in much more resin. The other packs are specific for the growth period and for indoor growing.

As you can see, Genehtik is a seed bank that has already made quite a name for itself, while also producing quality nutrients. Get your Kritikal Bilbo today!