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Family Ganjah Full Seed Catalogue

Family Ganjah | Excellency in Seeds

Family Ganjah is a Spanish seed bank that has been active since 2008. They work basing everything they do on three basic principles; offering the best possible quality, continuous R&D in order to design new strains, and organic and eco-friendly growing – they respect the environment in all of their process, and their strains are grown using only organic products. You can find all of their strains here, in the one spot.

Their work ethic has allowed them to maximize flavor and purity of their cannabis strains. They currently have a feminized and autoflowering catalogue; something for everyone.

Their feminized seed catalogue is quite varied; it has plenty of different flavors and effects. For example, Orange East Coast is an amazing strain of you’re into smoking US strains. It has an intense Diesel flavor with hints of orange, making it one of the best strains for those that enjoy the flavor the most. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to harvest around 500g per square meter indoors and per plant outdoors. It also produces an enormous amount of resin, so you can make your own extracts if you want to.

Their latest creation is Big Trip, which finally happened after years and years of crossing strains until they managed to find this indica-dominant strain with high amounts of psychoactivity. It can produce THC levels over 22%, which, after a while can cause an intense relaxing sensation. This strain takes just two weeks to flower, allowing you to harvest up to 500g per square meter indoors.

When it comes to autoflowering strains, Auto Critical Man by Family Ganjah is one of our favorites. It’s definitely the perfect strain for those that love Critical genes, although it takes much less time to grow – it’ll be ready just two months after flowering. Its moderate effects make it quite enjoyable to smoke – you can smoke it all day without getting too stoned.

Family Ganjah doesn’t have too wide a range of seeds, but trust us when we say that they still have something for everyone, allowing anyone to enjoy some of the most delicious exotic and potent strains. Give Family Ganjah a go!