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Exotic Seed is a Dutch seed bank that currently works out of Madrid, Spain. They’re specialized in combining Spanish, US and Dutch strains in order to create their own brand new innovative ideas. The members of their team have over 20 years’ experience in this sector, which is why their hybrid strains are so spectacular. Over the last few years they have won many awards and prizes in cannabis cups in Spain and Latin-America; they won thanks to their incredible flavor, effects and strength.

This particular section contains all of Exotic Seed’s strains; feminized, autoflowering and regular. When it comes to their feminized strains, you should definitely try out Gypsy Widow by Exotic Seed. This strain is perfect if you love strong hybrids; it’s quite simple to grow and incredibly high-yielding. You can easily harvest over 500kg indoors per square meter, and even twice that outdoors per plant under the right conditions. Its effects are long-lasting and potent, starting with an intense euphoric feeling and ending in a deep relaxation.

When it comes to their autoflowering strains, one of their most famous strains is Triple A Auto. This strain is incredibly popular in the States due to the high yields it offers in no time at all. In just under three months you should be able to harvest around 500g per square meter indoors. Its flowers are beautiful to look at, giving your plants quite the aesthetic boost.

Exotic Seeds sells some of the most impressive regular autoflowering strains such as Tangerina Kush Regular by Exotic Seed. This plant is perfect for outdoor growing, making the most of the sun’s light and producing between 500 and 700g per plant. It’s quite delicious as its name would have you believe, with delicious citric hints and a strong Kush aftertaste. This indica-dominant plant produces relaxing effects, forcing you to relax your body and muscles.

As you can see, Exotic Seed is a professional seed bank that may be younger than others, but their team still has decades of experience in growing and breeding cannabis. All of their strains are perfect for growing indoors and outdoors easily, producing large, quality yields. Take a look at these “exotic” seeds for yourself!