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Eva Seeds Entire Seed Catalogue

Eva Seeds - Feminized Seed Catalogue

Eva Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that designs, breeds and sells their very own cannabis seeds. They create their own strains, and have their very own process: all seeds are handpicked, conserved in the best possible conditions, and they guarantee germination rates, having used 100% organic results when breeding the seeds. This is how they manage to maintain quality, pure strains.

This seed bank specializes in creating feminized, non-auto plants, and although their seed catalogue isn’t that large, the strains they produce are of the utmost quality thanks to having been perfected after decades of growing.

One of their best strains is Veneno by Eva Seeds; this indica-dominant plant is incredibly high-yielding indoors – in a grow tent with decent lights, we managed to harvest an amazing 700g per square meter; this plant is quite versatile and super simple and easy to take care of. Its potent relaxing effects are accompanied by an amazing sweet fruit flavor with woody hints.

High Level by Eva Seeds is a 100% sativa plant that’s known for offering stimulant and creative effects. Like many sativas, it takes quite a while to finish flowering and it gives less yield than indicas, although it’s still an amazing amount – around 500g per square meter indoors. This strain is known as a strain that only experienced smokers should try; its smoke is incredibly strong and dense.

We’d love to talk about Black Dream too; it’s an amazing hybrid used to produce enormous amounts of resin, making it perfect for those that love extracts or making their very own hash flabs. This is one of Eva Seeds’ newest creations, and we absolutely love it. After around three months you should be able to harvest around 1kg total, harvesting some amazingly incensed and earthy buds.

All of Eva Seeds’ strains have proven to grow incredibly well and large, especially when planted and cared for outdoors, growing up to 3m in some cases. You can harvest almost 1kg per plant! We’ve been working with Eva Seeds for years now; their selection process is incredibly reliable and guarantees amazing results.