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Élite Seeds Seed Catalogue

Elite Seeds - Entire Seed Catalogue

Elite Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that’s situated in Valencia. They use science in order to create and develop brand new strains. They started back in 2007, and the first ever members decided to start their own laboratory in order to scientifically design strains with exact cannabinoid concentrations, especially CBD as it’s higher in demand than ever. This kind of scientific method isn’t generally used in seed breeding, which is why we consider Elite Seeds one of the most innovative seed banks around.

Starting with their feminized range, one of their best and most successful creations is Solodiol CBD. This masterpiece took an incredibly long time to perfect, involving hours upon hours of investigation and research in order to find CBD-rich strains. They managed to create a medicinal strain with around 24% CBD in an 80% sativa format. Indoors we highly recommend growing this strain using a SCRoG method, making the absolute most of this plant’s yield capacity – you can harvest up to 450g without much issue at all. Its flavor is strong yet sweet with hints of fresh pine. Its effect isn’t psychoactive at all, making it a great choice to fight physical pain or to relax after a hard day at work.

Many of Elite Seeds’ CBD-rich strains are actually currently being studied in laboratories around the world, especially in the US where they see designing and creating CBD seeds as a great marketing opportunity for the future. These strains are used as a pillar upon which to build others due to their amazing CBD content.

If you’re looking to get stoned, however, Elite Seeds can help you out there too! One of our favorites is Banana Joint, which has caused quite a stir thanks to its indica/sativa 50% genes, its enormous yields both indoors and outdoors, and especially its amazing flavor and potent effect. It produces enormous amounts of resin, so you can make your own hash with a delicious banana-like flavor! Its potent and stimulating effects are great for smoking with friends and relaxing in paradise.

Elite Seeds has been making some amazing advances when it comes to creating autoflowering strains – various of their auto plants are super popular, such as Goliat Auto or Rica Auto CBD. One of our favorites is Purplediol Auto CBD. This 90% indica strain has around 17% CBD, which contrasts strongly with its super low THC content, making it a great choice for medicinal growers that can’t wait an entire season in order to harvest. It can be used to treat anxiety, insomnia and stress – it should be ready to harvest just two months after germination.

Elite Seeds certifies stable THC and CBD content in their seeds, so you’re guaranteed the exact quality cannabis that you’re looking for. Trust in the science they’ve used to create some of the most ground-breaking medicinal cannabis seeds ever to set foot on the market.