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Dutch Passion Full Catalogue

Dutch Passion - Full Seed Catalogue

Dutch Passion is one of the pioneering seed banks when it comes to breeding and selling cannabis seeds. This Dutch seed bank was established back in 1987, although they began working together in the 70s. They have created an absolutely enormous cannabis seed catalogue, containing autoflowering and regular strains. Their success is based on two crucial ideas; breeding their seeds to have the best possible quality so that their customers can grow their own medicine at home, and innovating constantly with new ideas and brand new cannabis strains in order to meet the market’s current needs.

Dutch Passion is definitely considered one of the best seed banks in the entire world with quite a large catalogue. One of their most famous strains is Desfran, which is a 100% sativa strain that has some of the best qualities on the market in as far as potency, yield and how easy it is to grow. Indoors we recommend using the SCRoG method with this strain in order to guarantee at least 500g yield. Its sativa effect is incredibly stimulant and it produces quite an immediate and long-lasting high.

Another one of our favorite feminized strains by Dutch Passion is Lemon Zkittle. This hybrid produces enormous yields, and if you decide to grow it you’ll get enormous yields of around 500g per square meter. We also recommend using the SCRoG method with this strain in order to maximize yield. Its citric flavor and earthy aftertaste are an absolute delight for the senses, and the effects that it has on your body will keep you in a light, relaxing state.

When it comes to their autoflowering strains, one of the best is definitely Auto Colorado Cookies by Dutch Passion. This strain comes from two incredibly potent plants, Auto Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies, and the results are astonishing. It yields the same amount as an XL Auto plant, producing up to 450g per square meter indoors after just under three months. This indica-dominant strain has an intense tropical fruit flavor and quite a potent relaxing effect.

We’re also big fans of their latest creations such as Auto Daiquiri Lime and Auto Cinderella Jack, and even the incredibly medicinal CBD Auto Charlotte’s Angel; all of these strains have amazing yields and flavor, with the latter having incredibly potent medicinal effects.

Dutch Passion is still one of the few seed banks that breed and work with regular seeds. They’ve been able to use these seeds to design new strains. One of their best original seeds is Durban Poison Regular by Dutch Passion. This sativa-dominant strain has been used to create many different plants and it’s still used today; it’s one of the most-used strains when it comes to regular plants. You’ll be able to get enormous yields with potent, TCH-rich buds. Its incredible psychoactive effect will seem much softer thanks to its sweet, licorice-like flavor.

As you can probably tell, Dutch Passion is an incredibly large seed bank which can make it a bit daunting to choose the right strain. Have a look at our descriptions to find out which one is right for you! All of them are potent, high-yielding and produce delicious flavors and amazing medicinal and recreational effects – Dutch Passion has the right strain for you.