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Dr. Underground Full Seed Bank

Dr. Underground - Full Seed Catalogue

Dr. Underground is a Spanish seed bank situated in Las Palmas in the Gran Canaries. Their mission is to create their own hybrids using the best cannabis strains on the market. They started off in 2008 and since then they have been developing quality feminized seeds. Their catalogue contains a wide variety of mostly-indica, high-yielding and delicious flavors.

Their most popular strain is Melon Gum; this strain is still in high demand. It’s indica-dominant and has an intensely increased flowering period. It produces amazing results both indoors and outdoors. Its relaxing effects are perfect for smoking with friends and having a good time.

Dr. Underground likes to release a lot of limited edition seeds, and once they’ve all run out, they simply create brand new strains. One of our favorites is Godzilla Glue by Dr. Underground. It comes from a cross between a high-yielding King Kong and a Gorilla Glue #4 which was brought straight from the US. This is the perfect indica-sativa hybrid and it’s rather easy to grow, allowing you to get amazing results without needing to be a total expert. After just two flowering months, you can harvest around 500g per square meter indoors. Outdoors, when done right you can harvest up to 1kg per plant that’s over 2.5m tall. It has a very US flavor, petrol-like with fresh pine hints. Its mental effect is quite intense and it’ll keep you active for quite a while.

They’ve also ventured and branched out into autoflowering strains, creating autoflowering versions of their feminized plants. Two of their best, in fact, which are Auto Melon Gum and Auto King Kong.

Auto King Kong by Dr. Underground is a great choice if you want to grow large amounts of cannabis that you can consume after just a couple of months.  Indoors, from 7L flowerpots, we’ve managed to harvest over 400g per square meter. When smoked, we felt incredibly relaxed both physically and mentally, and it has a delicious sweet and earthy flavor. Auto Gum is another delicious plant; this autoflowering hybrid allows you to harvest large yields in no time at all, and the best part is its delicious strawberry chewing-gum flavor. Its effects are quite pleasing, allowing you to relax and chill out with your friends if you want.

Dr. Underground has been in our catalogue for years now, and we absolutely love their new creations and intense flavors. This Canarian seed bank grows cannabis and likes to design the best hybrids possible; the weather near the Canaries is absolutely perfect for these purposes. What are you waiting for?