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DNA Genetics is a cannabis seed bank that got its start in California, USA. They started out back in the 80s, when Aaron and Crockett, two friends that had the same dream, decided to go for it. When it all started, they were living in California and it was quite easy for them to acquire strains such as OG Kush or Chemdawg, which allowed them to create their very own strains years later. As the years have gone by they have created legends such as Chocolope or LA Confidential.

In 2003, due to pressure from the US government, they had to move to Europe, and they decided to choose the weed capital, Amsterdam. Once they got there, they really began to take off, creating some amazing strains using US strains and European strains as a base. They began to win prizes, winning over 150 prizes in the 10 years to come. Their best accomplishment, however, was to be included in High Times’ Hall of Fame seed banks – a fitting prize for their years and years of hard work and quality cannabis strains.

DNA Genetics focuses all of their efforts on developing and creating feminized seeds. One of their most highly-valued strains is their 24K Gold, which was created from two of their most highly sought-after strains; Kosher Kush and Tangie. The combination of both plants is absolutely lethal, in the best way; it produces a delicious sweet orange flavor with a deep hash aftertaste. This hybrid produces quite a lot of flowers; when grown using a SCRoG system you can harvest up to 500g from just 6 plants.

Another one of their amazing creations is Sour Cream by DNA Genetics. This amazing plant produces plenty of enormous flowers that’ll grow super, super hefty by the end of the 10th flowering week if you use a potent growing light.  Its effects are purely sativa, with an intense high that’ll leave you nicely relaxed. Its flavor is similar to pine and has tropical hints to it, and can be quite long-lasting.

DNA Genetics doesn’t really deal in autoflowering plants, although they do have a couple of strains called 60 Day Lemon Auto and 60 Day Wonder Auto, both of which have a 60-day cycle from start to finish. It should be ready to harvest after just two months. If you want to grow some incredibly fast cannabis strains, we highly recommend trying out these two plants. You can also try out their regular strains, such as Crockett’s Confidential or Crockett’s Dawg.

DNA Genetics is specialized in growing sativa-dominant plants, as well as 50/50 hybrids. They don’t tend to deal in indica plants. DNA Genetics has quite the story to tell, and we’re convinced that they’ll add more amazing strains in the future.