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BSF Seeds Full Catalogue

BSF Seed Bank - Bigger, faster, Stronger

BSF Seeds is a dream come true for its founders – it began just a couple of years ago in 2017. It started with a group of friends that had been growing and smoking for years and years. They eventually decided to take that leap forward and start their own cannabis seed bank. They have an incredible amount of experience in cannabis, taking extreme care to make some of the best, most exclusive hybrids out there. They work hard to increase yield, strength and speed of their plants – which is why they are called Bigger, Faster, Stronger.

They have designed a wide array of high-quality hybrid plants that will surprise you if you give them a go. All of the seeds in their catalogue, both feminized and autoflowering, have this quality in common, and they have quite a lot to choose from in order to match your exact needs.

One of our favorite feminized strains is Tangie by BSF Seeds has a delicious orange and Mandarine flavor, that’s perfectly defined and easily recognizable. This 90% sativa strain is super impressive, and can grow up to a meter and a half indoors, producing up to 600g per square meter. We soon discovered that the SCRoG method is one of the best ways to go with this strain. Its delicious orange flavor is one of the best we’ve ever had, and it produces an intensely active and lucid effect that’s perfect to combine with any sort of creative activity. BSF has lots of famous strains such as Godzilla Glue, Lebron haze and Green Tiger.

They also have a wide range of autoflowering plants, such as Red Critical Auto by BSF Seeds, which is one of their best and most well-known strains – their breeders are incredibly proud of this beauty. As the flowering period progresses, you’ll see the buds going beautiful purple and red colors, and the flavor that it produces is like inhaling a deliciously sweet bouquet of flowers.

BSF Seeds has also joined the XXL club with their new XXL autoflowering strains. These strains are known for staying automatic but growing incredibly large, increasing the length of the flowering period slightly which greatly increases yield. One of their best XXL strains is Lebron haze XXL Auto, which can produce up to 500g just two months after germination. In large, 11L flowerpots, you can grow some incredibly large 1m tall beasts.

We highly recommend that our regulars try this seed bank out, especially if you grow indoors and have a tent set up – they have various different mixes that come in packs; each one comes with 12 seeds that fit perfectly in any indoor tent. You’ll clearly notice the amount of experience BSF’s breeders have when you grow one of their strains.