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Big Buddha Seeds - The Creators of Cheese

The British seed bank Big Buddha Seeds has been developing their own cannabis strains for decades. They created the very first original Cheese strain, which is known and grown all over the world. Other seed banks have even been recreating this strain for years. Milo Yung, the founder of Big Buddha Seeds, created this seed bank in order to share this strain with the world. This amazing strain has been stabilized and perfected over the years, until the perfect version was created; Big Buddha Cheese.

Big Buddha Cheese is definitely their most famous strains and has been used to make so many hybrids and versions. This 90% indica has a deliciously unique cured-cheese flavor and some delicious stimulating effects that’ll keep you active for hours. We recommend growing it indoors, where you can harvest up to 500g from around 12 plants per square meter. We highly recommend that you grow this amazing strain for yourself even if you have smoked it before – there’s nothing as satisfying as tasting it when you’ve grown it yourself. This strain won one of the most important cannabis prizes back in 2006, awarded Best Indica by High Times.

They also have a strain called Cookies & Cream Cheese, which comes from the Big Buddha Cheese and a popular Girl Scout Cookies. The resulting plant is deliciously sweet and has a cured cheese flavor. This strain also produces large yields, around 500g per square meter indoors with a potent light. Its effects give consumers a giddy, active state that’ll allow you to fully relax whole also keeping your mind active. It can be used to treat depression when used in the right doses.

Their most recent creating is the Strawnana Sundae. This strain has one of the most intense flavors we’ve ever tasted, and it took an incredible amount of work to create. Its flavor is intensely banana-like with some fruity, strawberry-like aftertaste. This 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid gives soft, pleasing effects as well as a beautiful physical and mental relaxation, keeping all five of your senses operational. When grown outdoors, it grows incredibly tall – you’ll need to train and prune it so that it doesn’t grow over 2m tall if you want discretion.

Big Buddha Seeds produces some amazing, quality seeds that are known for producing high-end yields – they’re proud to give breeders and homegrowers quality products to work with. Go on, give their amazing Cheese strains a go and join the club!