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ACE Seeds - Full Pure Seed Catalogue

ACE Seeds is a cannabis seed bank that was originally created in order to preserve and study various different cannabis strains. When it comes to genetic diversity, cannabis needs to be conserved by seed banks such as ACE Seeds or else some strains may be lost forever. Ever since they started out, ACE seeds has been a group of breeders and cannabis lovers, with different communities and workers all over the world and in different continents. Most of their members are active in Europe, Central America, South America, Central Africa and Asia.

ACE Seeds only works with pure strains, which are where most of the current commercial strains on the market come from. They’re incredibly invested in maintaining pure strains that have never been genetically modified. This has already happened with some strains due to the disappearance of their natural habitat and climate change. Pure strains are much more delicate than other types of strains out there.

When it comes to their regular seeds, we’d love to talk about Malawi Regular. This 100% sativa plant comes from Central Africa, and it produces enormous amounts of THC that cause intense, potent mental effect. It may not offer the biggest yields, although it does produce an enormous amount of resin and it has a delicious sweet sort of citric, wood flavor. It’s a delight to the senses and also pretty beautiful to look at.

Another of their most famous strains is Nepal Jam, which is a combination between a Nepalese and a Jamaican strain. It’s highly recommended for experienced smokers, as it’s quite an intense strain. Its effects are super potent and long-lasting, keeping you active and energetic for hours. It’s the perfect sativa hybrid and can grow up to 2m tall when planted outdoors, easily, producing up to a full kilo of weed from just one plant.

They’ve also created versions of their original regulars in a 100% feminized format. These strains are great for growers looking for large yields. Bubba hash Feminized has really impressed growers around the world due to its short flowering period when compared to others – it takes just two months to flower. Bubba Hash Fem by ACE Seeds is the perfect indica for outdoor growing, especially in super-sunny areas, which is where it does best. When it begins to flower, it’ll produce some amazingly beautiful flowers that are also incredibly resinous. We highly recommend this for smokers that prefer to smoke during the day, as its effects are energetic and active, allowing you to smoke and still get your daily activities and chores done.

Another amazing strain from their catalogue is the potent Orient Express Fem, which comes from two incredibly potent strains, and combines the best of both; large yields and a fast flowering period. Indoors, using 9 11L flowerpots, you can harvest a little over 500g per square meter. This strain really does make you think and is great for having deep, intense conversations with your friends.

ACE Seeds is a world renowned seed bank that is extremely focused on preserving pure cannabis strains, as well as creating their own and making themselves the perfect example of activism as well as commercial smarts. ACE Seeds has put a lot of work into what they’re doing, and it’s an absolutely pleasure to work with them.