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00 Seeds Full Catalogue

00 Seeds - Full Strain Catalogue - Fem + Auto

00 Seeds is a cannabis seed bank based in Spain that’s specialized in creating indica strains. Its name comes from the fact that Double Zero is a term used to refer to the purest of hash – their strains are known for producing enormous amounts of resin, which makes them perfect for making quality hash.

All of their seeds do quite well indoors, producing, per square meter, around half a kilo of delicious, THC-rich strains – they always produce around 20% THC. 00 Seeds has put quite a lot of time and effort into developing strains that can produce enormous yields indoors, shortening flowering times to around 60 days, especially when it comes to their Kush strains. Their sativa-dominant hybrids can take around 80 days to flower. They stock both autoflowering and feminized strains.

When it comes to feminized strains, one of their most popular strains is definitely Bubble Gum this strain is famous all over the world thanks to its delicious strawberry bubblegum flavor when smoked. If you use a SCRoG method, you can easily harvest around 400g per square meter. Like we’ve said before, all of 00 Seeds are of enormous quality, and this strain in particular lets off an intense aroma due to the amount of resin that it produces, so we highly recommend using some sort of odor filter when needed. This indica-dominant strain has a deep, narcotic and relaxing effect. It’s great for consuming towards the end of the day, allowing you to get a great night’s rest.

Another one of their most well-received strains is Chocolate Skunk, another indica-dominant strain. Just like the rest of the seeds in this catalogue, it’s incredibly medicinal and it produces high quality yields – around half a kilo. This is one of their most aromatic and pungent seeds that begins letting off aromas even during the growth period. Its flavor is similar to chocolate, combined with skunk hints; delicious.

All of 00 Seeds’ strains are medicinal, although they have developed specifically medicinal strains that contain more CBD than THC, called White Widow CBD and Chocolate Skunk CBD – these strains can contain up to 15% CBD, avoiding any sort of psychoactive effect when consumed.

00 Seeds’ autoflowering strains are just as impressive as their seasonal strains. One of our favorite autos is Auto Sweet Soma, which is perfect for those looking for potent, sweet flavors. When grown indoors you can harvest up to 500g from around 9-10 flowerpots. It’s incredibly fungi-resistant and does well in areas with high humidity. It has a delicious earthy flavor, too. They also have some amazing classic strains such as their Auto 00 Cheese, which is an amazing strain that produces large yields in no time. It also has an intense cured-cheese aroma!

00 Seeds has been offering quality seeds for years; their psychoactive strains produce enormous amounts of resin. Use these strains to relax at the end of the day or for making your very own cannabis extracts.