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Sweet Seeds

Sweet Seeds - Entire Seed Catalogue

Sweet Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that started back in 2005 in Valencia. It took them a while to get started, but after a few years of hard work they finally began to make a name for themselves in 2008. That year they won first prize for the Best Cannabis Bank at Spannabis 2008. Now, you can find Sweet Seeds strains almost anywhere in the world. They’ve been growing their catalogue ever since, commercializing their amazing strains, many of which have won an enormous amount of prizes. Have a look at their feminized, autoflowering and CBD-rich seeds.

Sweet Seeds is constantly innovating, creating brand new Fast Version (F1) strains that are essentially incredibly fast seasonal plants that have been combined with autoflowering plants. They flower super-fast but are still considered seasonal strains!

In this category, we’ve rounded up all of Sweet Seeds’ strains, such as their feminized strains. One of our favorites is Green Poison, which has won many prizes and will probably continue to do so. Green Poison by Sweet Seeds is already one of their customers’ favorite strains, producing large amounts of flowers both indoors and outdoors. You’ll be able to harvest beautifully resinous and potent buds that’ll send you on an absolute trip for quite a while. Soon after releasing this strain they also released autoflowering, F1 and CBD versions of the strain.

If you’re interested in their CBD-rich catalogue, we highly recommend trying out their Ice Cool CBD. This strain is possibly the perfect CBD strain that produces large, high concentrations of weed and plenty of resin, which is also ideal for making medicinal extracts.

When it comes to autoflowering strains, they currently have over 30 of them in their catalogue. Most of their auto strains are versions of their feminized strains, such as Black jack Auto which comes from the legendary Jack Herer, producing enormous amounts of weed in just under two months. This strain is perfect for growing indoors, allowing you to place 9 11L flowerpots per square meter. We recommend training the branches, as it can grow quite tall and you’ll want its branches to be as strong as possible. Its effects are pretty amazing, causing fits of giggles and laughter that keep you active and ready to take anything on.

They also have various CBD-rich seeds, one of which is their Honey Peach Auto CBD. This CBD-rich autoflowering plant has been perfected over the years, reaching excellency in its 5th generation. This strain is fungi-resistant, has quite a large structure and produces large amounts of quality flowers. Like its name would suggest, it has intense medicinal effects as well as delicious sweet and fruity flavors that’ll stick around for a while. You can easily harvest around 500g per square meter from around 9 plants. Thanks to its low THC content, it’s great for those that simply want a medicinal effect without feeling too stoned.

Sweet Seeds is definitely one of the best seed banks out there thanks to the quality of their seeds. With Sweet Seeds, you’re guaranteed amazing results from these reliable seeds. They have a strain for absolutely everyone in their wide catalogue; all types of flavors and aromas, ready to grow!