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Delicious Seeds Full Catalogue

Delicious Seeds - The Best on the Market

Delicious Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that operates from Valencia. Their objective is to offer high quality cannabis seeds, and it’s currently one of the best and highly regarded seed banks in the world.

Delicious Seeds strains’ are known for their intense exotic flavors and beautiful colors; they definitely have some of the most wonderful looking strains around. They currently work with a group of expert breeders that breed their seeds to the utmost quality before releasing them on the market. They treat their seeds with extreme care and make sure that they are all perfectly ready to be germinated before they’re sold.

Delicious Seeds has an incredibly wide array of strains in their catalogue. They have feminized autoflowering and regular seeds. This category compiles all of their strains in the one spot.

Among their large repertoire of feminized seeds, one of our favorites is Sugar Black Rose, an indica strain known for its incredibly large yields and even larger intense effect. Its amazing citric flavor alongside its relaxing, medicinal effect make it a great choice for those that suffer from chronic pain or have eating or sleeping disorders. You can harvest almost half a kilo per square meter indoors, making it the perfect strain for year-long harvests. Another amazing strain is Cotton Candy, which is a perfect 50/50 hybrid that tastes exactly like cotton candy. It does absolutely amazing when grown outdoors, producing up to 1kg per plant of some amazingly delicious, sweet buds. If you decide to grow this strain outdoors, you’ll be able to see it going purple and red colors if it gets low enough temperatures at night.

When it comes to their autoflowering strains, Delicious Seeds has gone above and beyond, creating beautiful and truly delicious seeds. One of our favorites is La Diva Auto, which produces large, compact and beautifully dark buds. You can harvest up to 500g per square meter indoors. It’s quite a reliable strain, and its effects are highly sedating in both body and mind. Also, it has a delicious berry flavor to it.

Delicious Seeds also has a range of regular seeds which are known for their capacity to produce many more flowers that genetically modified feminized seeds. Marmalate by Delicious seeds is one of their best strains, producing large branches that end up covered head to toe in buds. Make sure to remove male plants if you want the flowers, or you can even use them to make your very own hybrid strains!

Ever since we began growing Delicious Seeds strains’ it was clear to us that they put a lot of time and effort into making their seeds the most delicious and flavorful cannabis strains around. As well as keeping yield in mind, they also strive to produce beautiful looking plants. Try Delicious Seeds out for yourself and you’ll see exactly how delicious they are!