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Technaflora Products

Technaflora - Pro Canadian Fertilizers

Technaflora is a Canadian company based in British Columbia. They have a wide range of high-performance nutrients and additives for both hydroponic and soil mediums. They think of themselves as an imaginative and dynamic company, with a consistent range of products when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction. We’re well aware that Technaflora is constantly upgrading and improving their products.

One of our favorite recent releases by the brand is their Recipe for Success Starter Kit, which has taken off among cannabis home-growers, as well as gardeners and farmers. For an incredibly low price, you can get 10 different products that can feed your plants from start to finish, alongside a complete feeding schedule for your plants. It’s definitely one of the best offers on the market right now when it comes to affordable yet complete fertilizer packs. You’ll be able to use their exclusive specific additives for each and every phase, which makes for amazing results.

One of the best products in the Recipe for Success pack is Root 66, a product that’s used whenever you transplant cannabis plants. It helps to keep your plants’ roots healthy and strong, reducing the stress caused by transplants. It also protects your plants’ roots from insect infestations and fungi. Their base fertilizer is called Pura Vida Grow and Pura Vida Bloom, for the growth and flowering periods respectively.

Technaflora’s products stand out when it comes to their flowering products, which are incredibly potent and absolutely necessary for the best possible yield. You’ll need to use BC Bloom and Boost – these products give your plants everything they need to create an incredibly thick layer of resin, resulting in deliciously aromatic and flavorful flowers.

One of their newest products, Seaweed, is from their range of organic stimulants. This product essentially gives your plants a little push during the growth period, causing them to grow taller and much stronger. This algae-based product is quite potent when it comes to ingredients, so it should never be used more than twice or you might end up over-feeding your plants with potassium.

Technaflora has an impressive range of products, from base nutrients to specific additives for every phase. Our expert growers got impressive results using Technaflora’s products, so we can almost guarantee that you will too! We highly recommend Technaflora to beginners and experts alike.