House & Garden Products

  • Top Booster

    Top Booster

    Top Booster by House & Garden is a flowering stimulant that covers quite a wide spectrum; it should be used before your plants finish flowering.

  • Shooting Powder en Sobres de 65g

    Shooting Powder 65g

    Shooting Powder by House & Garden is a potent fattening product for your plants; when used towards the end of the flowering period you’ll be able to grow some enormous buds.

  • Multizen

    Multi Zyme

    Multi Zyme by House & Garden is an additive that’s generally used during the growth period. It produces amazing results when it comes to yield capacity.

  • Power Emulsion

    Power Emulsion

    Power Emulsion by House & Garden is specifically designed to increase yield in your plants when used from the start of the cycle.

  • Drip Clean

    Drip Clean

    Drip Clean by House & Garden is a product designed to clean out excess mineral salts from your plants’ substrate.

  • Stimulator 1

    Stimulator 1

    Stimulator 1 by House&Garden is a potent growth stimulant that’s capable of stabilizing plants, giving them plenty of nutrients and vitamins.

  • Bud XL

    Bud XL

    Bud XL by House & garden is a potent stimulant that gives your plants’ flowers a much more intense flavor and aroma.

  • PK 13-14

    PK 13-14

    PK 13-14 by House & Garden is a potent flower stimulant – it’s a great way to increase final yield and intensify flavor.

  • Amino Treatment

    Amino Treatment

    Amino treatment by House & care is a product that’s specifically designed to give your plants the necessary amino acids and nutrients for both the growth and flowering periods.

  • Soil A+B

    Soil A+B

    Soil A+B by House & Garden is a product that’s incredibly useful and efficient, designed specifically for plants in soil; amazing results without much effort at all.

  • Component Soil

    1 Component

    1 Component Soil by House & Garden is a base fertilizer for plants grown in normal substrates. This product is known as one of the most efficient products on the market.

  • Top Booster

    Top Shooter

    Top Shooter by House & garden is a potent cannabis stimulant and booster that allows you to increase yield on your plants just three weeks from harvesting.

  • Cocos A+B

    Cocos A+B

    Cocos A+B by House & Garden is a base fertilizer that’s capable of producing amazing results in coco coir substrates. It leaves no traces and its specifically designed for coco coir.

  • Trace Mix
    out of stock

    Trace Mix

    Trace Mix by House & Garden is a product that’s designed to give your cannabis plants the necessary nutrients and vitamins to fatten your plants’ buds incredibly.

    11,65 €
  • MGO 8%
    out of stock

    MGO 8%

    MGO 8% by House & Garden is a product meant for plants that require a high level of Magnesium. Simple to use very effective.

    15,08 €
  • Nitrogen Boost
    out of stock

    Nitrogen Boost

    Nitrogen Boost by House & Garden gives your plants exactly what it says on the tin: an extra boost of nitrogen so that your plants can make the most of their available energy and grow into impressive specimens.

    34,39 €
  • Root Excelurator
    out of stock

    Root Excelurator

    Root Excelurator by House & Garden is a product that is specifically designed to create large, healthy roots in plants.

    47,40 €
House & Garden Products

House & Garden is a Dutch company that’s been creating quality fertilizers for over 2 decades now, supplying growers and farmers all over the world with professional products for their plants. They moved to Canada a few years ago, and they have an incredibly large range of professional fertilizers for each and every growing medium; both substrates and hydroponic grows. They have incredibly potent nutrient bases for every phase, as well as specific additives that can really improve your results and yield.

Their nutrient bases give cannabis plants the crucial nutrients needed to grow and flower properly. Thanks to their various additives you can give your plants extra doses of certain nutrients in order to increase the size of their flowers and the amount of resin. House & garden’s products are incredibly easy to use, and super effective when it comes to making the most out of your plants.

Soil A+B is one of their main products, and it comes in two bottles. Our growers had a go using these products and they produce some impressive results, with visible changes after just one dose. It has quite a complete composition, and you can store these products for quite a while without them going off thanks to their mineral ingredients.

Alongside Soil A+B, we recommend using Stimulator 1, which is a specific growth fertilizer that is capable of keeping your plants’ roots super healthy as well as causing your plants to grow much more thanks to its essential vitamins and extra nutrients.

Once your plants start to flower, we recommend using the many products that House & Garden stock to ensure large, resinous flowers. Specifically, you should use Top Booster; this flowering product has the perfect combination of ingredients in order to increase weight and density in your buds. Its high amounts of potassium and phosphorus have been tested in labs, producing incredibly satisfying results. We recommend using it alongside other flowering stimulants by House & Garden due to how well they work together.

House & Garden’s products are known for their versatility; they can all be used in any growing medium (soil, coco coir, hydroponics) without any sort of noticeable difference. We definitely recommend this specific brand of nutrients for experienced and professional growers; there’s quite a big quality and result difference here that requires experience to handle.