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Green Hope Products

Green Hope - Professional Bio-stimulants

Green Hope is a brand that specializes in creating bio-stimulants that are specifically designed for cannabis plants. Their combination between water, vegetable oil and natural extracts make for 100% organic and bio products. Unlike traditional fertilizers, Green Hopes bio-stimulants increase your plants health and protect them much more, increasing yield and flavor, producing some pretty impressive buds.

Keep in mind that Green Hope’s products are incredibly highly concentrated; you only need 1ml per 10L of water. You don’t need to use much product at all, and they come in 60ml and 120ml containers, alongside small measuring flasks so that you can give your plants a precise amount of nutrients when needed.

One of their top products is definitely Root Max. This amazing growth stimulant is great for your plants’ root system. This 100% natural product is highly concentrated, and it’ll help you to start off your grow on the right foot. You’ll need to use it alongside some sort of growth base fertilizer. With Root max your plants will be able to improve growth thanks to their micro-elements and micro-bacteria.

They also have products designed for protecting your plants such as Bio Protect. It mainly contains plant extracts, which helps to keep insects away from your plants. We’ve tested it out for ourselves, and it has very clear; any insects will ignore your plants and opt for others instead. It’s perfectly compatible with any sort of growing medium, including hydroponics and coco coir. It’s fully dissolvable in water and shouldn’t block any pipes.

Green Hope’s products have shown us time and time again that they do exactly what they’re supposed to. We love their natural ingredients and guaranteed results.