Volcano Products

  • Bolsa / Globo de repuesto Volcano

    Volcano Vaporizer Spare Bag/Balloon

    Volcano Bag or Balloon, with which you can reuse your Solid Valve mouthpiece. You’ll have 3m of bag that you can cut to your needs.

  • Rejillas de repuesto para Mighty

    Mighty Spare Parts and Accessories

    Replacement screens for the Mighty vaporizer so you can leave your vaporizer like new. You can change both the cooling chamber screen and the bowl, thus avoid the taste of previously vaped substances.

  • Recambios y accesorios para Plenty

    Spare parts and accessories for Plenty

    Wide range of high quality, original spare parts so your Volcano Plenty vaporizer always performs at a 100%. 

  • Capsule Caddy

    Capsule Caddy

    Capsule Caddy is a keychain in which you can keep 4 capsules for herbs, completely hermetic so no smells will leak out.

  • Pack Rejillas Solid Valve Volcano Finas o Normales

    Solid Valve Screens Pack for Volcano (Thin and Regular)

    Pack of grids for the filling chamber of the Volcano vaporizer. With it, you can leave your Solid Valve chamber like new. 

  • Carcasa de llenado Easy Valve Volcano

    Easy Valve Filling Chamber Volcano Vaporizer

    The spare filling chamber for the Volcano vaporizer with Easy Valve is where the marijuana to be vaporized is placed. It doesn’t include the internal parts or screen, it comes empty. 

  • Depósitos monodosis

    Mighty single-dose containers

    Single-dose containers for a Mighty vaporizer with which you can use 8 capsules pre-charged with oil or weed (depending on the combination you choose) to recharge your Mighty vaporizer in a manner of seconds.

  • Rejillas para cámara de llenado Easy Valve

    Easy Valve Filling Chamber Screens

    Spare screens for the Easy Valve filling chamber, for when the original ones need to be replaced. Both or weed and liquids.

  • Pieza Interior Cámara Llenado Solid Valve

    Solid Valve Filling Chamber Inner Piece

    Piece that goes inside the filling chamber of your spare Volcano Solid Valve, so that when it’s been used many times it doesn’t taste of burned remains. 

  • Boquilla Solid Valve Repuesto Volcano

    Volcano Solid Valve Spare Mouthpiece

    Spare Solid Valve for your Volcano, so that you can replace the mouthpiece.

  • Recambios y accesorios para Crafty

    Crafty Vaporizer Spare Parts & Accessories

    Here you can find all sorts of spare parts for your Crafty vaporizer, including sets designed to improve the Crafty and make it much more professional and versatile.

  • Set 6 Bolsas Easy Valve Volcano

    Easy Valve Volcano Set of 6 bags

    Set of 6 Volcano spare bags with Easy Valve mouthpiece to enjoy your vaporizer without traces of flavours, what usually happens when you reuse the same bag many times.

  • Cámara llenado Solid Valve Volcano

    Solid Valve Filling Chamber Volcano

    Spare filling chamber for your Volcano vaporizer, it includes 1 set of screens so you can use it as soon as you receive it.

  • Cámara de llenado para Líquidos Volcano

    Liquid Filling Chamber for Volcano Vaporizer

    A filling chamber for your Volcano with which, besides vaporizing weed, you can now vaporize liquids, such as oils or aromas.

  • Solid Valve + piezas de sujeccion + anillo Volcano

    Solid Valve + Spare Parts + O-Ring Volcano

    Full Solid Valve mouthpiece for your balloons or Volcano bags. The mouthpiece comes with bag clamps and o-ring. 

  • Kit Solid Valve para Volcano

    Solid Valve kit for Volcano

    The Solid Valve kit for Volcano includes everything you need to start using your Volcano vaporizer with the biggest bags available, which are the 3m ones.

  • Plenty Vaporizador Portátil

    Plenty Portable Vaporizer by Volcano

    Plenty is a top-quality and very easy to use a marijuana vaporizer to make the most of your weed. 

  • Crafty Vaporizador portátil a batería

    Crafty Portable Battery Powered Vaporizer

    Crafty portable vaporizer to make the most of your marijuana anywhere. You can select the temperature via its mobile app.

  • Vaporizador Mighty Volcano

    Mighty Volcano Vaporizer

    Mighty is a portable vaporizer by Volcano. With it, you can select the temperatures and precisely vaporize with the best quality vaporizer.

  • Vaporizador Volcano con kit Easy Valve

    Volcano Classic Vaporizer + Starter Set

    Enjoy the marijuana vapor as you’ve always wanted with the Volcano Vaporizer Easy Valve or Solid Valve Set, with everything necessary not leave your house in a while.

  • Vaporizador Volcano Digital Easy Valve

    Volcano Digital Vaporizer + Starter Set

    Digital version of the best vaporizer on the market, the Volcano Digital with Easy Valve, it’ll change your vaping concept forever.

  • Kit Easy Valve Starter Kit para Volcano
    out of stock

    Easy Valve Starter Kit for Volcano

    Easy Valve Starter Kit for the Volcano Vaporizer has everything you need to use your vaporizer like a chamber for the material your vaping, mouthpieces with the bags already attached, or a set of meshes. 

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Volcano Products

Storz & Bickel is a German company that was created in the mid-90s. Markus Storz founded the company and was joined by Jürgen Bickel in 2002. In 1998 they patented their amazing Volcano design, and it’s still known as one of the best table-top vaporizers in the world. They soon began to gain popularity among stoners all over the world, and began to develop their innovative potable vaporizers – a decade later they began selling their incredible vapes, the mighty and the Crafty.

Their Volcano vaporizer is still their biggest masterpiece, and it comes in a classic and a digital version. It’s definitely the best table-top vaporizer on the market. It produces an incredible dense vapor that you can adjust too. The vapor goes up into the bag, filling it like a balloon, so that you can then inhale it out slowly. Absolutely no cannabinoids are lost using this method, making it one of the best ways to make the most out of your weed. You’ll be able to absorb more than 4 times the usual amount from the same amount of weed. It comes in a classic and digital format. The digital Volcano offers a more precise temperature, allowing you to adjust it. Other than that, they’re practically identical.

Their two amazing portable vaporizers are called Crafty and Mighty – they’re both incredibly similar and have just a few differences. The Mighty vape has a digital screen which you can use to adjust the temperature, check battery percentage and check the general state of the vaporizer. The Crafty doesn’t have a screen – it uses a mobile phone app that allows you to have maximum control over everything. They also created the Plenty vaporizer, although it’s not portable and it needs to be plugged in to use. Absorb up to 90% THC from your cannabis thanks to Storz & Bickel vaporizers.

Check out their catalogue on our page; you can get your hands on all of their vaporizers, as well as a large list of spare parts and extra accessories. Volcano vaporizers and related products have been around for years and nobody has managed to take them down yet – get one of these classic must-haves at any stoner party.