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Metrop products

Metrop - Highly Concentrated Nutrients

Metrop is Dutch company that produces fully organic plant food that’s perfect for any type of plant. After years and years of growing and experience, they decided to create products that contain the exact amount of specific nutrients that your plants need in order to grow healthily through every phase.

Metrop is still growing constantly thanks to the success they’ve been having. None of their products contain any sort of chemical products, which is perfect for plants especially when grown outside. They can be used in hydroponic systems too; they last quite a while in nutrient tanks.

Metrop stocks highly concentrated nutrients, so you need incredibly small amounts per liter of water. Root+ is used to increase the size of your plants’ roots, which in turn increases the actual size of your plants and also influences their general quality and size. You should use MR-1 Crecimiento straight after in order to give your plants an intense growth period. This incredibly efficient product can be used in any growing medium; it leaves absolutely no residues and dissolves fully. You’ll need to use about 4ml per 10L of water, or around 0.4ml/L – not much at all.

Once your plants begin to flower, you should start to use MR-2 Flowering. You’ll be able to increase flower size, aroma and flavor, as well as creating a thick layer of resin over all of your plants. It’s the perfect combination between macro and micro-nutrients including various amino-acids. Its NPK of 10-20-40 is quite high, so make sure to use incredibly small results or else you might accidentally over-feed your plants. If you’re growing in soil we do not recommend using this product constantly, make sure to take breaks or it could build up in the soil.

Keep in mind that, although Metrop’s products are fully organic, they are also incredibly potent, so you need to take care when applying them. They have given us some incredibly impressive results, and if you use them correctly you should only need incredibly small amounts of fertilizer; these products can last for quite a while. If you’ve never grown cannabis before, we recommend starting with Metrop’s Start Set, which comes with 5 star products and 10 free cannabis seeds.