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Pro-XL Products

Pro-XL - Mineral-organic Fertilizers

Pro XL is a company that develops organic and mineral fertilizers using Dutch technology. All of their products are designed to prevent any deficiencies or other issues that your plants may have; they’re very focused on a more “preventive” way of feeding cannabis plants. Their products contain quality nutrients that are absorbed in no time at all; all of their products are specifically designed to satisfy this particular need.

Growing cannabis doesn’t just mean that you water your plants every few days – it’s a challenge that requires a lot of dedication and concentration, and the more you give the more you get. Pro-XL has a wide range of nutrients so that growers of all walks of life can find the product they need. These perfect mineral-organic products are super easy for your plants to absorb.

Pro Start is used to accelerate root growth; it’s perfect for the start of the growth period, and it can be used until the start of the flowering period. It’s incredibly important for your plants’ to have a large root structure if you want to get the best possible results. With Grow A+B you’ll be able to give your plants the perfect push. You can get amazing results in the form of large leaves, thick branches and large amounts of flowers.

Bloom A+B is used to give your plants a decent nutrient base for the flowering period. You’ll notice some highly impressive results when you grow with this product. As soon as your plants start producing flowers, you’ll need to start using additives such as Quick Boost and Flora Exploder. Quick Boost is used to give your plants the necessary potassium for producing flowers, whereas Flora Exploder is used to fattening those flowers.

We like to try out the products we’re going to be selling ourselves, and Pro-XL definitely delivered. We’ve gotten some incredibly amazing results from their products, and we’re quite surprised with the amazing results that we’ve obtained from their organic-mineral products. These products are perfectly healthy for your cannabis plants, while also helping to protect them from insect infestations.