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Green House Seeds Powder Feeding

Green House Powder Feeding Nutrients

Green House Seeds Co. is a prestigious seed bank that now has their own fertilizer range. Their secret to success is simplicity; their nutrients come in powdered format and they give amazing results at quite an affordable price. What’s so great about them? The fact that they’re powdered makes them much easier to store, use and keep for long periods of time – longer than liquid fertilizers.

All of the nutrients and products that they’ve designed are perfect for all types of plants, giving them the exact amount of nutrients needed depending on your genotypes and their growing cycle. We tried their products ourselves, needing just 1ml per liter of water when feeding our indica-dominant plants, and we obtained some spectacular results.

Powder Feeding Hybrids is ideal for hybrid plants. Its NPK content (15-7-22) is perfect for plants with a short growth period that start flowering quite fast and need an intense diet. Hybrid plants do great with this product.

As per usual, we’d like to go over one of the kits that this particular nutrient manufacturer has. Their Bio Feeding Starter Kit contains base fertilizers for your plants’ entire cycle. It’s fully organic and it’s a great idea for beginners that are just starting their first grow. You can feed your plants from start to finish thanks to this pack. It contains Bio grow, used during the growth period, that contains natural and organic ingredients. Bio Bloom is used during the flowering period as a base fertilizer. The third product included is Enhancer, which improves your plants’ substrate, allowing them to grow much healthier and absorb many more nutrients. This last product can be used from the first day all the way until the end.

Green House is already known for their quality seeds, and we didn’t expect anything less from their amazing nutrient and additive range; their products are perfect for both beginners and experienced growers.