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Hy-Pro Products

Hy-Pro | Professional, Quality Nutrients

Hy-Pro is a Dutch company that caters to the needs of growers’ of all walks of life; beginners and experts alike. They’ve been around for over 30 years now, accumulating a wealth of experience when it comes to nutrients. They have amassed quite a large range of products for growth and flowering periods. After years and years of studying and investigation, they’ve made the perfect range so that growers don’t need to go all out and get a million different additives and products.

Hy-Pro believes in creating quality liquid fertilizers. Thanks to their many years of experience and patience, they have managed to create some incredibly professional fertilizers and additives.

Their products are quite potent, so you don’t need to use many different products in order to give your plants’ a complete diet. Terra Hy-Pro is the perfect base product for plants grown in soil, giving them all of the basic nutrients needed to grow strong and healthy during both the growth and flowering periods. Perfect for watering and automatic watering systems.

One of our favorite products here at is their Spraymix, a product that’s used to simulate light rainfall on your plants which is super useful if you’re growing indoors. It allows you to increase humidity while also simulating the most natural environment for your plants as possible. It’s a subtle product that your plants will absolutely love, and it also contains ingredients that increases plants strength and protects them from heat from the grow lights. Make sure to spray your plants right before the lights are about to go off to make sure that the leaves don’t get burnt.

We recommend Hy-Pro to anyone looking to grow cannabis for the first time thanks to how easy they are to use and the amazing results that they provide; the key is simplicity.