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TRABE. Natural fertilizer & Insecticides

TRABE (Tratamientos Bioecológicos) is a Spanish company that was founded in 1996. Ever since then they’ve been successfully making their own fertilizer and other high-performing products for plants. They’ve always put a lot of effort into making natural products that don’t harm the environment, keeping their prices quite affordable too. They’re considered Spanish pioneers when it comes to farming and agriculture.

They have quite a large range of products that come in different formats for each and every cycle and phase of your plants – their products are fully eco-friendly. When used on cannabis plants, we’ve gotten some amazing results. If you use Bachumus Evolution C during the growth period you can grow some intensely robust and large plants, easily capable of holding up hefty, thick flowers. Those flowers can be produced using Bachumus Evolution F, a natural fertilizer that gives cannabis plants everything they need for a successful flowering period. These products are quite potent, so take care not to over-feed your plants.

TRABE also stocks various products used to get rid of insect infestations that tend to pop up in cannabis plants. They have insecticides and various preventive products such as Aliosan and Propolix. Proplix is used to keep fungi and rot away, making for much healthier plants. Aliosan is used to keep insects that typically attack cannabis plants at bay, such as white flies or spider mites. TRABE has put a lot of work into their preventive products, and they’ve always worked perfectly for us.

When it comes to the best organic fertilizer, GuanoForte is probably their star product. It’s made out of various types of guano and it contains an unreal amount of nutrients – we recommend mixing it with your substrate for the best possible results. It contains only organic ingredients, so this versatile organic product can be used in the ground too. It contains high amounts of nitrogen for your plants’ growth, as well as phosphorus and potassium for the flowering period.

TRABE is a guaranteed way to grow highly productive plants, safe from insect and fungi infestations, without needing to use any sort of chemical product at all.