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Somango Marijuana Plants solder


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Early Skunk

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Cannabis Seeds from the UK

Seedsman is a British seed bank that was founded back in 2003. Originally, they simply sold cannabis seeds made by some of the best seed banks in the world, although over the last decade they have branched out and started producing their own seeds. The result? Absolute success. The cannabis community accepted their strains with open arms; they have both autoflowering and feminized strains.

Old School Cannabis Strains

In 2007, Seedsman launched their first feminized seed range. Their catalogue was created thanks to their expert growers, who worked hard to maintain the best possible qualities. They put great focus on keeping their strains pure.

We love the fact that Seedsman has kept an old school vibe when it comes to their feminized seeds such as Somango, Early Skunk and more.

Buy Early Skunk Feminized Seeds

Somango by Seedsman is an amazing strain that has been grown and improved upon for years now. It comes from three incredibly prestigious plants; Super Skunk, Big Skunk and Jack Herer. We grew this beauty indoors and it produced some awfully satisfying results. We placed around 9 plants in 11L flowerpots per square meter, and we were able to harvest up to 600g. Its intense mango and pine flavor is delicious and light; you’ll love every single drag.

They also have the legendary Early Skunk, which was created using an Early Pearl and an Original Skunk #1. When grown indoors under the same parameters as the Somango, you can harvest up to half a kilo, which is pretty impressive. The best thing about this strain is its high THC levels; its high psychoactivity is perfect for treating depression and stimulating appetite, whole not being too intense that you feel stoned.

If you enjoy pure cannabis strains and old school strains, you absolutely need to try Seedsman seeds.