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BSF Seeds

BSF Seeds - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

BSF Seeds | Bigger, Stronger, Faster

BSF Seeds (Bigger, Stronger, Faster) is a Spanish seed bank founded in 2017. Regardless of how young this seed bank is, their founders are incredibly experienced breeders that have been growing cannabis for almost two decades, paying close attention to their various strains, choosing only those that provide the best results.

Thanks to their accumulative experience, they’ve managed to make their own exclusive hybrids that are all incredibly productive, strong and incredibly fast. BSF Seeds are specialized in the creation of strains with North-American origins, increasing quality of flavor and yield in general. Testing

Here at we like to try the products we sell before we sell them, and BSF Seeds are absolutely no exception. We’ve been able to successfully grow their seeds and we’re quite honestly surprised with their amazing results. We’re going to have a look at some of our favorite feminized seeds.

Modern Cannabis Strains

Gorilla Glue #4

Gorilla Glue #4 is an astonishing strain, and growers all over the world are already in love with this delicious plant and you’ve probably already heard of it. Hopefully, you’ve had the opportunity to grow Gorilla for yourself. The veteran breeders at BSF Seeds went above and beyond with this strain, maximizing their size, flavor and yield. This delicious sativa-dominant plant has produced over 500g per square meter indoors using 11L flowerpots and 9 plants. We recommend this strain for growers that don’t have much experience growing cannabis themselves.


Their other strain, Rainbows, comes from a potent Zkittlez selection that has had an incredible amount of work put into it. Our growing expert decided to grow it outdoors and harvested almost 600g per plant. The best part about this strain is its delicious sweet and fruity flavor; you’ll want to savor every drag. It’s also quite a beautiful, front-page worthy plant.

Old School Cannabis Strain

The breeders at BSF Seeds aren’t just interested in strains from the US; they’ve made their own versions of classic and old school strains. Within this particular genre, they have strains such as Moby-D. It comes from a combination between the delicious Jack Herer and White Widow. We tried and tested it outdoors in order to make the most of its size, and when planted in the ground it can grow up to two and a half meters tall, yielding up to a kilo – from just one plant! It has a delicious pine and lemon flavor, and you’ll need to be careful with its intense mental effect. Every homegrower should try this plant out at least once.

Here at we guarantee that if you decide to begin growing BSF Seeds’ strains, you’ll be incredibly surprised and you’ll have one of the best cannabis growing experiences possible; high quality seeds like you’ve never seen.