• Vaporizador de ocultación

    CloudV Pen Vaporizer

    Vape Pen by CloudV is an electronic cigarette that looks exactly like a pen – you can use it to consume e-liquids or even your own extracts.

  • Vaporizador mediano con pantalla

    CloudV Diamond Vaporizer

    Diamond by CloudV is a compact portable vaporizer that allows you to easily adjust the temperature, as it has buttons used to increase or lower the temperature to a wide range of settings.

  • Vaporizador grande con pantalla

    CloudV Phantom Premium Vaporizer

    Phantom Premium by CloudV is a portable vaporizer for vegetal material that allows you to vape your weed anytime anywhere in a healthier and more discreet way.

  • Vaporizador CloudV F17

    Vaporizador CloudV F17

    The CloudV F17 is the perfect portable vaporizer for those looking for something that’s easy to handle and both elegant and effective.


CloudV is a company founded in Southern California that’s dedicated to designing high quality, top range vaporizers. They pay attention to every last detail in order to give their customers the best possible vaping experience. This is exactly why they’ve won 14 prizes for best product; this is the only company specialized in designing and making vaporizers that has won that many prices.

This company puts a lot of work into investigating modern vaporizers in portable format. They want to improve upon existing devices and offer even better results. Their designs are quite elegant and discreet, and they are incredibly easy to grow; you can use it whenever and wherever you want.

The CloudV Pen is one of the most discreet vaporizers in the market thanks to the fact that it looks exactly like a pen. You can carry it around in your shirt pocket if you want and nobody will have a clue that it’s a vaporizer for weed; it’s super discreet and you can consume your liquids and extracts easily.

The CloudV Diamond is a more compact vaporizer that produces an incredibly high quality vapor that’s dense and still maintains the original flavor of your weed. It’s super easy to use, like most of CloudV’s vaporizers; you can control the temperature by degrees so that it fits your needs perfectly.

The CloudV Phantom is one of their best vaporizers thanks to its elegant, discreet design that will go fully unnoticed when used out and about. It’s perfect for those that want to stop smoking their cannabis and start vaping it, which is much healthier.

The CloudV F17 is a highly efficient vaporizer that’s quite small, weighing in at 120g and just 10cm long. Thanks to its super compact size and great design, you can enjoy incredibly dense and quality vapor.