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Air and water pumps

Air and water pumps for all systems

Water and air pumps to supply irrigation water to our plants from a tank and oxygenate them with air. Nutrients will be perfectly dissolved and plants will absorb them perfectly.

There are submersible pumps for several uses. Depending on what you want them for, you'll have to choose one brand or another. Recirculation pumps can stay switched on for long periods of time while other pumps are mainly used to work for shorter periods but can provide important flow rates.

Likewise, air pumps can be very different and getting the right model depends on the use we want to give it. Some of them can be used to oxygenate small tanks such as the ones for hydroponic cuttings while bigger compressors are used with large water tanks. 

Atman submersible pumps will help you recirculate water in systems such as the X-Stream from Nutriculture -with the smallest models- or large irrigation systems (drip irrigation or watering wand systems) -with the biggest ones-. It is recommended to use 400-600L/h in small aeroponic systems, 200L/h per 1m2 in hydro or aero systems and 300L/h and beyond when using a water wand. All Atman models  come with a flow regulator that lets you adjust the water flow. 

Neptune Hydroponics waterproof pumps are very similar to the ones from Atman. They are used to recirculate water in hydroponic and aeroponic systems, for both irrigation with drip systems or watering wands. Depending on the flow rate, a different model would be required. In systems such as the BFT or in hydroponics or aeroponics it is recommended to plan 2000L/h per each m2. For instance, if you have a 2m2 grow op, you will need a 4000L/h flow rate.