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HidroHug Hydroponics

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HidroHug is an innovative hydroponic growing system that is turning the growing world upside down – they no longer use typical grate pots, now they have innovative fabric pots.

They have an incredible amount of options for their systems, allowing you to grow from just 8 hydroponic plants to an incredible 112 plants all at once. Thanks to their various models, you’ll be able to grow in pretty much any space you want – space will no longer be an issue.

They’re made out of some of the best materials on the market, catalogues as food grade PVC meaning that you can grow either cannabis or actual food in these systems if you’d like.

All models come with a pump and a water storage tank, so you shouldn’t need to get any extra parts in order to get it up and running as soon as you get your hands on it.

In order to guarantee the best possible outcome for your cannabis plants, make sure to keep the pH and EC levels up and running, ensuring that your plants get the exact nutrients that they need.