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Barnery's Farm Regular

Barney's Farm - Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular Barney's Farm Seeds

Barney’s Farm is a seed bank that doesn’t need an introduction; it’s an internationally renowned bank known for their potent strains and seeds. They have created some of the most important strains in the world of cannabis. This is their new regular seed range so that you can make your very own strains or try and select female plants to grow some of the best weed you’ve ever tried.

It all started in the Himalayas, where their breeders learnt everything they could about cannabis plants, choosing strains based on flavor, aroma and THC content. This is how they were able to create and collect rare strains from all corners of the world – from Afghanistan to China.

Barney's Farm Best Sellers

Pineapple Haze regular Seeds

One of our favorite strains is Pineapple Haze by Barney’s Farm; it comes from a Skunk#1 that was crossed with an Old School Haze, resulting in a sativa-dominant plant that produces large yields of pineapple flavored weed. This plant does perfectly indoors and outdoors in most climates; it puts up well with humidity outdoors, making it great for beginners.

Afghan Hash Plant regular seeds

Afghan Hash Plant is still one of the most popular strains from the Mazzar-i-Shariff region. This indica plant is known for its enormous yields and intense flavor of earth, accompanied by a citric aroma. Its perfect for indoor grows as its super easy to grow and doesn’t need much care; it takes just 8 flowering weeks to grow. Outdoors it’ll grow super easily, with hardly any care at all.

Widow Remedy regular seeds

Widow Remedy by Barney’s Farm is a strain that was created after crossing a Tijuana sativa with an Indian Kerala, resulting in a plant that contains a lot of cannabinoids. It was then crossed with a pure Afghan plant in order to shorten its flowering period. This plant is perfect for indoor and outdoor growing, letting off citric and minty aromas. Its effect is relaxing and it’s perfect for those that suffer from insomnia or stress.

Barney's Farm - One of the Best Seed Banks

Barney’s Farm is a household name among smokers and growers all over the world thanks to the quality of all of their seeds, which is why they’re one of our favorite seed banks. Now, you can grow quality Dutch strains and read our detailed descriptions to find out which is the best match for you!