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Mr. Hide

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Mr. 420k cannabis plant
MR Hide seeds
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Mr. 420k

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Mr. Hide

Mr. Hide Seeds - Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Mr. Hide Seeds | Critical Specialists

Mr. Hide Seeds is a quality seed bank that was founded in 2015, and even though it’s only been around for a few years, Mr. Hide is already making its way to the top.

It all began with many years of experience growing cannabis, and they eventually chose a Kritical strain with which to start off with. They began to create their very own seeds using this strain, and the resulting strains were top-quality and extremely impressive. The Kritical strain they used to start it all off came straight from Mr. Nice’s reserve.

Quality, Sturdy Strains

They sell both nationally and internationally, allowing people from all over the world to enjoy these delicious strains. Their aim is essentially to work with carefully chosen strains. Mr. Hide’s seeds have five main qualities; easy germination, amazing properties, stable plants and strong hybrid growth.

Mr. Hide seeds also produces seeds that contain high amounts of CBD even though they've only been on the market for a small while.

Mr. Hide Seeds Original Strains

Mr. Shiska is a feminized, indica-dominant strain and it’s extremely easy to grow. It can be grown in pretty much any environment, although it prefers mild, dry climates. It has a sort of Christmas tree structure with small internodes and dark-green leaves. Indoors it can be grown super easily, and it does well grown in a SCRoG system. It lets off an intense, strong aroma, and you’ll need to use anti-odor filters. Outdoors, it’ll need a lot of space to grow properly, as well as plenty of hours of dun. It gives a potent effect that’ll have you instantly relaxed.

Mr. 420k is a feminized strain that gives amazing results. It comes from a combination between Nicole Kush and Big Bud, making for a hybrid with a slightly larger indica percentage. It grows short and sturdy with short, productive branches. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. We recommend training this plant, as its roots might end up bending and breaking. You should also use organic fertilizers in order to increase aroma and flavor. This plant generally deals quite well with stress, making it the perfect option for less experienced growers. You’ll be truly astonished when you try this plant thanks to its 100% Kush flavor which is both fresh and earthy.

Mr. Sour-R: This feminized strain gives incredible yields. It’s indica-dominant and grows plenty of branches. In order to create this hybrid, a Sour Diesel was crossed with a Big Bud. It has quite a short flowering period and can produce a large amount of resin, meaning that it’s also perfect for making extracts such as hash and BHO. It also does well against insect infestations and accidental drought, so it’s great for guerrilla growing. Its flavor is sweet and lemony at the same time, giving quite an intense effect when consumed in excess.