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Ibiza Seeds Auto

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Ibiza Seeds Auto

Ibiza Seeds Auto - 100% Feminized Seeds

Ibiza Seeds Autoflowering Seed Bank

Ibiza Seeds is a cannabis seed bank from Ibiza, Spain. They started off way back in 1996, stabilizing some of the best strains in order to offer their customers some of the best strains out there. Have a peak at their autoflowering range; you’ll be astonished at their quality.

Versailte, fast-growing strains

All of the strains in their catalogue have been designed to improve upon some of the following qualities; flowering times, flavor, effect and yield. These strains can be grown both indoors and outdoors, so it doesn’t really matter where you grow them – these plants are capable of growing in plenty of different environments.

Guaranteed germinated fem seeds

All of the seeds this bank provides undergo a rigorous selection and control process, guaranteeing that 99% of their seeds are entirely feminized and also germinate easily; perfect if you still don’t have much experience with your plants.

Ibiza Seeds' Main Autoflowering Strains

Cetme: This autoflowering hybrid has a compact structure and an average-to-tall height. Even though it can grow large, it actually has quite a short flowering period. If you add on the fact that it can be grown in pretty much any environment, this strain truly is astonishing. It has quite a fruity flavor and an intensely relaxing effect.

Godiva Gold: This autoflowering plant gives large yields in short amounts of time. It has quite an indica shape with short, strong branches. Even though it grows quite big and gives large yields, it doesn’t need much care when grown at all. When grown indoors and under a constant 20h of light you’ll increase yield considerably. It gives quite an active and energetic effect that’ll slowly turn into a relaxing sensation that will take over your entire body.

Jelly Sweet: This autoflowering strain has quite a short flowering period while also giving large yields. This strain is perfect for small growing areas such as balconies. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors as long as it doesn’t get too cold. It has a fruity flavor, similar to sweets, alongside a potent effect that can couchlock you if you smoke too much.

You can bet on Ibiza Seeds' quality

Ibiza Seeds has delicious autoflowering quality, trustworthy seeds – choose which ever strain is the right one for you!