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TerraNabis, Natural Fertilizer Nutes

Terranabis is a Spanish company dedicated to creating bio-stimulants for cannabis plants, in their plant in Castellón, Spain. This company was founded in just 2016, and they’re already selling their products across Spain and the rest of the world. Terranabis’s objective is to create organic additives and nutrients that meet growers’ needs, as well as your plants’ needs, making for some amazing professional results.

Terranabis’s products are all made out of vegetal matter and organic, natural ingredients. These ingredients give your plants all the nutrition they need to make the absolute most out of their energy and efforts. Terranabis is completely in favor of non-expensive growing and natural results.

Terranabis’s team is comprised of doctors, industrial engineers, bio-technicians, and many different experts in many areas of science and technology – so you know that their formulas are precise and carefully thought out.

Terranabis takes their investigation and development process extremely seriously, developing perfect solutions for your cannabis irrigation water. They use active principals extracted from plants in order to find the best possible nutritional compositions. These investigative geniuses have created two specific compounds, which are C-MAX complex, which increases growth, and CAN-UP, which increases cannabinoid content. All of their products are vigorously tested before being sold to the public.

More and more growers are asking us for organic and natural nutrients, which is exactly what you get with Terranabis. Your plants will be receiving the perfect nutes derived from vegetal matter, meaning that neither your plants nor the surrounding environment will be negatively affected. Organic products take longer to be absorbed into your plants’ roots, meaning that you’ll need to use these nutes less than with mineral products.

BioNabis: 100% natural bio-stimulant with which your plants will be able to more efficiently transport nutes around their structure, as well as having an anti-stress effect.

AmiNabis: 100% natural bio-stimulant that will ensure your plants produce new growth vigorously during the vegging phase.

FloraNabis: 100% organic bio-stimulant, which will give your plants larger flowers with a much higher cannabinoid count.