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Ibiza Seeds

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Ibiza Seeds

Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Ibiza Seeds

Ibiza Seeds Feminized Strains

Ibiza Seeds is a Spanish seed bank that’s been around since 1996, stabilizing and improving upon their very own strains and thus offering a varying range of unique strains, catering to all growers’ needs. Their strains are designed to bring new outlooks to the world of cannabis, offering exclusive strains with succulent flavors.

Thanks to the many years’ experience they have as breeders, you can rest assured that their strains were developed thinking specifically about us, the growers – many different parameters such as flowering times, fungi-resistance or adaptability have been improved upon by this seed bank.

They ensure that there’s a 99.9% guarantee that the seed will be female, so you don’t need to worry about pesky males pollinating your grow, along with all the problems that it entails. They also guarantee an extremely high germination rate, making them perfect for beginners without much experience who tend to have issues during this process.

Strains developed by Ibiza Seeds

One of their most amazing strains is Noor, an improved-upon Northern Lights with a more intense flavor without modifying the effect at all. It will offer large yields, regardless of the medium used, due to the high density of the flowers. It has a very old school flavor that combines citric and earthy tones, similar to those of hash; sweet and long-lasting. The effect is absolutely mind-blowing and you’ll most likely end up asleep after a while – it’s perfect for medicinal uses such as anxiety, pain or insomnia.

If you’re looking for a resin yielding monster, then Snowflake is the perfect strain for you; it’s a hybrid between Gorilla Glue and Great White Shark. This strong strain is perfect for those that love extracts, as this plant will give you potent and abundant extracts. It has a quite balanced physical and mental effect, adapting to your mood at the time and intensifying it; this strain’s perfect for any time of day. The flavor has some strong Kush aspects, as well as a characteristic pineapple aroma giving it a unique aspect.

Those that love citric flavors will absolutely adore Lemonade Sherbet, a succulent strain that comes from a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Super Lemon Haze. This sativa-dominant strain has quite a high flowering capacity, growing large with a lot of branches that end up covered in precious and aromatic buds. It combines sweet, citric and refreshing flavors in a special, dense smoke that is quite unique.

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Every strain developed by Ibiza Seeds has an enormous amount of work put into it; they select everything meticulously and improve their seeds generation after generation until they get the perfect result; amazing recreational and medicinal strains.